Course For Working Executives


1.We supply extensive notes in the form of word doc / Power point slides/ Excel tables advance.

2. Lecture of 2 hours duration will be given on weekends in a conference room like skype at mutually convenient time – as participants will be there from all over the world. The conference room will have facilities for video and audio presentation and recording. All participants can talk / type and can make it interactive and participative. The lecture can be recorded as MP3 and as power point slides and stored in your computer for repeated hearing.

3. In addition student can discuss in chat or clarify doubts through email.

4. Hands on experience on how to use an astrology software will be taught. This will enable to cast horoscope for any place in the world and make all calculations which generally need over 200 to 300 man hours if done manually.

5. As participants will take this as hobby - the theory will not be covered and only functional use of outputs of software will be discussed to understand and predict in general.

6. It is expected to take 8 lectures for two months. This can form as basis for advance course where theory and case studies will be discussed. On registering for the course, the course material will be sent, to go through beforehand. From which approx.ten pages of the material needs to be thoroughly understood and remembered.


 MODULE 1  Basic study material:

  1. Division of Space- Units - as 360 degrees of the zodiac into 12 houses & 27 Stars.
  2. Division of Time – its units – micro level , Macro level – Days from creation/Kaliyuga
  3. Sayana & Nirayan systems.  Solar & Lunar calendars.
  4. Panchanga - The five elements
  5. Names of years , Rutus, Solar Months , Lunar Months, Tithis, Yogas , Karanas
  6. Astrology chart calculations - the South Indian, East Indian & North Indian systems of charting.
  7. Planets Their motion, common names and other properties
  8. Planetary Karakatvas, House relationships.
  9. Houses and Bhavas - Their properties, Friendships, Strengths, Varga Charts
  10. The 12 Bhavas - Significance,
  11. Planets Naisargika friendships, Positional friendships – Resultant Friendships
  12. Effect of planets in various signs,
  13. Planets in various houses,
  14. House lords in various houses, planets in various Varga charts with aspect results.
  15. The Rajayogas –Their Origin and logic
  16. Rajayogaplanets for different lagnas
  17. Rajayogas for Name, Fame, Riches, Power & authority,
  18. Amsa concept and Different Amsas , 6,7 ,10
  19. Predictive techniques
  20. Timing of events

Module 2 Special Predictive techiques

  1. Use of Ashtakavarga
  2. Use of - Shad balas
  3. Use of. Solar return horoscope
  4. Vedic Remedial measures

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