Ardra Nakshatra

Radhika Kothuri 

Dec 2022

Ardra Nakshatra


In the series of Nakshtras the sixth nakshatra is Ardra.  Detailed information on the Nakshatra, its characteristic, gender, gana and all the details is given below:

Ardra Nakshatra ranges from 6 degrees 40 minutes  to 20 degrees in Mithuna rasi.   The presiding diety for Ardra nakshatra is Rudra, the fierce incarnation of Lord Shiva.  Rudra is known as Howler, who is the lord of wild animals, and medicines as well as the god of thunders and storms.  Ardra nakshatra symbol is tear drop or diamond or human head.  The planetary ruler is Rahu.

Ardra Nakshatra:

Ardra word means the Moist one, Green and Fresh. It is also known as Star of oppression or Star of sorrow. The deity of Ardra nakshatra is Rudra, the fierce incarnation of lord Siva.  Rudra means Howler.  He is the lord of wild animals, all things wild, strange, anger, and thunder.  He is known as a hunter, archer, and lord of beast & storms.  As it is a Teeksha (sharp) star it indicates violence or destruction. 

The symbol teardrop/human head or diamond indicates disappointment, logical mind and ego, hard, sharp, and brilliant


Ardra nakshatra natives will have a good memory with good communication skills.  They can empathize with any living being and will take decisions with their heart than with their head most of the times.  They will be very intelligent and knowledgeable, and they try to do research or learn in depth about their topic of interest.  They are born innovators or mechanics and try to repair any object given.  They are hard working people, but will not like to shoulder heavy responsibilities or lead a group.  They will be perfectionists. They like to be in open lands with nature and will have sharp instincts.  They are good healers, tantrics and natural healing instructors.  They like to be associated with politicians or politics.

They will be given to anger and irritation easily and will be stubborn leaning towards adamancy.  They get into illegal activities easily and may even try to cut corners both at profession or business.  They will have a streak of anti social elements in them.  They love to lead a life on the edge with wild instincts.  They will be given to addiction/bad habits easily.  Various points related to this nakshatra indicate the dualness of the mind.  Those who seek material fulfillment may face severe ups and downs.  While those who seek spiritual knowledge and higher consciousness will have great spiritual advancement in life. 

Physical characteristics:

Ardra nakshatra natives will have curly hair, large face, and slightly angry or sullen expression.  They will be more than average tall. Eyes will be bloodshot at times and they will be moody in nature.  They in general will have a good athletic body, as they like to work hard.  Their lifestyle and dressing will be very raw or in line with nature. 

Padas of Ardra Nakshatra:

1st pada or Dhanur navamsa: When the native is born in Ardra nakshatra, between 6 degrees 40 minutes to 10 degrees Mithuna rasi, they are in the first pada of Ardra Nakshatra.  The first pada is ruled by Jupiter (Guru).  Those born in the first pada will be open-minded, intellectuals, materialistic, and adventurous people.  They will be strong supporters of their principal or some important cause.

2nd pada or Makara Navamsa - When the native is born in Ardra nakshatra, between 10 degrees to 13 degrees and 20 minutes in Mithuna rasi, they are in the second pada of Ardra nakshatra.  The second pada is ruled by Saturn(Shani). Those born in second pada of Ardra nakshatra will have a strong personality.  They will have self-respect, ego, and good communication skills.  They will be moody and will get sad easily.  Will be slow schemers.  Thieves/scammers of this nakshatra are difficult to be caught.  They try to cut corners in whichever profession they are in. 

3rd pada or Kumbha Navamsa - When the native is born in Ardra nakshatra, between 13 degrees 20 minutes to 16 degrees to 40 minutes in Mithuna Rasi they are in third pada of Ardra nakshatra.  The third pada is ruled by Saturn (Shanti). Those born in the third pada will be intelligent and will be good at technical subjects, science and will have an interest in learning deeper knowledge on any given subject. They will be very hard working.  Their speech will be harsh or at times lean towards vulgar.  They get affected with any bad news.

4th pada or Meena Navamsa - When the native is born in Ardra nakshatra between 16 degrees forty minutes to 20  degrees, they are in fourth pada of Ardra nakshatra.  The fourth pada is ruled by Jupiter(Guru). Those born in fourth pada will be compassionate, sensitive, and knowledgeable people. They like to help the less fortunate.  They will be pet lovers and often help the street dogs etc.  They will actively take part in spiritual activities and will be even practicing yoga or healing sciences. They are very sensitive and will get easily hurt by others comments etc.

Auspicious activities:

Activities favourable to start in this nakshatra are discarding old objects, changing lifestyle, demolition, arbitration, legal matters mostly related to any negative matters like destruction etc.  propitiating fierce deities.

It is better not to start any auspicious events like marriage, travel, construction and starting major projects in this nakshatra. 

Professions suitable:

  1. Butcher and working in slaughter house
  2. Ammunition, chemicals and missiles/space
  3. Pharmacy and drug manufacturing
  4. Handling radioactive and such equipment
  5. Computers hardware and software
  6. Embassy or foreign companies
  7. Social media
  8. Bio labs
  9. Transportation


The areas most affected are the eyes, back, and front of the head. The problems or ailments related to various parts of the brain may be there. 

Hence, ailments related to five sense organs like vision, touch, smell, hearing, and taste.  This imbalance in the brain may give some neurological disorders like dyslexia and mood swings.  As Ardra natives are given to anger, restlessness, and high desires anything related to these also may cause health inconveniences, like high blood pressure, anger and desire resultant addiction etc.

Other information:

Gana             Manushya

 Colour         Green

Planet Lord    Rahu

Guna            Tamas

Nadi             Vata

Gender         Female

Nature          Tiksha - sharp

Element        Water

Direction      West or South East

Varna           Butcher

Animal         Female Dog

Bird              Black Andril

Tree            Rakta kadira or Krishna Kadira, Agar wood

Syllables       Ku, Kha, Jna, Chha

Mythology #1

Arudra nakshatra is known as transformative or destructive nakshatra.  Brahma, the prajapati, in the process of creating the universe and increasing population will try to commit the sin of procreating with his daughter.  When all the Gods plead to Lord Shiva to stop this sin being committed by Prajapati.  Shiva takes the form of Rudra and will cut one of the five heads of Brahma and throws in the space which becomes Mriga (deer) forming Mrigashira nakshatra and following that nakshatra Rudra resides in Ardra.  Rudra saves Prajapati in committing the sexual violation to his daughter.

Mythology #2

Arudra nakshatra is known as nakshatra of Lord shiva as per Keralites.  It is believed that on this day, Goddess Parvathi after a long penance was taken as Saha dharma charini(equal partner) by Lord Shiva.  They present themselves in the form of Arhdanarishvara – half male and half female form.

Mythology #3

During Daksha yagna Sati immolates herself in anger.  Shiva takes the form of Rudra in anger and sadness and starts crying, the tears that fell on the Earth formed Rudraksha trees.   Hence, rudrakshas have great sanctity and many rules are there to be followed while wearing them.