Arudapada And Upapada - Tools For Horoscope Matching

Radhika Kothuri 

May 2021


This is the third article in the series about “Marriage Astrology”.

In this article, we will discuss important tools for horoscope matching other than Koota matching (Dasa koota and Ashtakoota) and Kuja dosha.

The two most important tools for horoscope matching are Aruda Pada (Saptamaruda, Darapada, Kalatrapada) and Upapada lagna.

Aruda Pada:

Aruda refers to rising or mount.  Pada means a quarter or a portion. In one’s chart, while lagna stands for our true self, Aruda lagna stands for our perceived self by the world.  For example: A person may look very confident and determined.  But in actual life when the situation demands the person might actually turn out to be timid. So Aruda is a Maya of the original.

 From a sign count the number of houses its lord has gone to, then count as many houses from the lord to arrive at Aruda of that house.  If one has to calculate aruda or Darapada(aruda of 7th house) then from  7th house count the number of houses the lagna lord is placed at and now count that many houses from the 7th  lord to arrive at Saptamaruda.  Example- lagna is Makara and its 7th house being Karkataka and lord is Moon and placed in Vrischika.  As Vrischika is 5 houses away from Karkataka now count  5 houses from Vrischika which will be Meena.  hence Meena is the Saptamaruda. 

Exception: Some Astrologers follow that Arudapada cannot be the same sign or the seventh from itself, hence the tenth house becomes the Aruda.

Saptama aruda (A7) is mainly seen for sexual compatibility and cordial physical relationship in married life.

  1. The A7 (Saptama Aruda) of the boy and girl should be in 5:9, 3:11, 4:10 axis, then it is considered as matching.
  2. The A7 should not be 6:8 axis.



Upa means near to or relating to and second most important. Pada means quarter or part of.  Uppada lagna is the Aruda of the 12th house from lagna.  Upapada lagna indicates the conditions of married life, it shows the nature of the family a person comes from, long standing of the marital relationship, progeny etc.


Upapada lagna calculation:

From the 12th house of one’s chart, count the number of houses the 12th house lord is placed in.  Now count the same number of houses 12th to its lord and arrive at Upapada lagna. 

Example – If lagna is Tula, its 12th house will be Kanya, its lord is Mercury.  Say if Mercury is posited in Makara, then the number of houses passed from 12th is 5 houses.  Now count 5 houses from Makara is Vrishabha .  Hence, Vrishabha becomes Upapada lagna. 


If the 12th house lord is placed in the 12th house itself or 7 houses away from the 12th house then the counting process will again take back to the 12th house.  In such cases, we count 10 places away from the 12th house or the 7th house. 

Horoscope matching with Arudapada and Upapada Lagna:

  1. The Upapada of the native should fall into trine or opposite sign from the lagna of the spouse for good compatibility as a marriage partner. Both the boy and girl should have Upapada lagna and Rasi lagna compatibility.
  2. The aruda lagna represent external feelings and when Upapda is in trine with AL it shows the marriage is based on external things like status of the spouse, beauty.
  3. If Upapada lagnas are the same in both boy and girl it often indicates arranged marriage.
  4. The 2nd house from UL will show the sustenance of relationship/marriage
  5. If the 2nd from UL is strong say with exalted planet and with bad aspect, it will still hold the relationship strong, inspite of any drain in relationship.
  6. If Arudapada (A7) is placed in 6, 8, 12 from Upapada Lagna (UL), then physical relationship with spouse will be negligible. 
  7. If A7 is placed in kendra or kona from UL or AL then the relationship with spouse will be good.
  8. Length of marital life is to be seen from UL. It the UL is well placed in both the charts like in 5:9, 3:11, or 4:10 in that order then one may remain married for a long time.
  9. Saturn, Rahu, or other malefic planets in 2nd or 7th from UL will give extramarital affairs.
  10. If UL and A7 are conjunct/aspect, love will be materialized to marriage. If UL is in 3,6,8,12 houses from AL there can be enmity with a spouse.
  11. If UL is exalted or well-placed spouse will be from well-settled family. If UL is afflicted or debilitated, the spouse will be from a lesser background than the native.
  12. While matching horoscopes it is very important to see that preferably the ascendant of to be spouse should preferably be the upapada, trines, 7th sign or sign occupied by 7th
  13. The 9th house from UL indicates the type of progeny and the number as well. Hence, both the boy and girl chart should have a strong 9th house from UL for good progeny.

Hence, a thorough analysis of both the charts from lagna, aruda pada, and upapada lagna needs to be seen for good married life.  In the next article we will discuss on other important tools along with planetary placements in horoscope matching.