Ashwini Nakshatra

Radhika Kothuri 

Jun 2022

In the series of Nakshatras the first nakshatra is Ashwini.  Detailed information on the Nakshatra, its characteristics, gender, gana, and all the details are given below:

Ashwini Nakshatra ranges from 0 degrees to 13 degrees 0 minutes in the Mesha Rashi (Aries sign).  Ketu, the serpent god is the ruler of the Ashwini nakshatra.  Ashwini symbolizes all the serpentine qualities.  Ashwini nakshatra’s symbol is the horse head.

Ashwini Nakshatra:

Ashwini is marked by a pair of bright stars in the constellation of Mesha (Aries).  The word “Ashwa” means Horse.  It also means “Horse Lady” or “Aswayuj – She who yokes horses”. The nakshatra symbolizes the head of a horse indicating starting of a journey.  The horse is the symbol of power, strength, vitality, and action.

The ruling deity of Ashwini nakshatra are two Ashwini Kumaras, the golden armored horse-headed twin celestial gods. The twin Ashwini Kumaras, Dasara (Destroyer), and Nasatya (Untruth) were born to Sanjana (mother) and Tvastri(father)  They are known to be physicians of the celestial realm (Indra loka). Hence, this nakshatra is related to healing and medicine. 


Ashwini denotes spontaneity and vitality.  A native of this nakshatra will be agile and active.  They will be straightforward and will not mince their words in their approach.  They will take hasty and impulsive decisions.  They are highly intelligent and look youthful and enthusiastic.  They will have unique and good hearing abilities.  Those born in Ashwini nakshatra will be strong, attractive, and innocent with a childlike disposition.  They will have an adventurous spirit which will make them take up challenging activities. Like a 70yr old person would like to do bungee jumping or rock climbing.   This may at times prove very dangerous.  They will not be able to handle jobs that need a lot of patience and thinking.  They like to present themselves beautifully, hence, will splurge on clothes and jewelry. 

The ruling deities of this nakshatra, the Ashwini Kumaras are attributed to style, lavishness, and prominent physical body and charisma.  They are straightforward and independent people and love others with similar characteristics. 

Physical characteristics:

They will have an attractive face and big eyes, a prominent forehead, and a big nose.  They may be slightly average to short in height. They can attract others easily with their sweet talk and youthful looks. 

Padas of Ashwini Nakshatra:

1st pada or Mesha navamsa: When the native is born in Ashwini nakshatra, between 0 degrees to 3 degrees 20 minutes, they are in the first pada of Ashwini nakshatra.  The first pada is ruled by Mars (Kuja).  Those born in the first pada of Ashwini nakshatra will be courageous, and impulsive and will give more importance to physical activity.

2nd pada or Vrishabha Navamsa - When the native is born in Ashwini nakshatra, between 3 degrees 20 minutes to 6 degrees 40 minutes, they are in the second pada of Ashwini nakshatra.  The second pada is ruled by Venus (Shukra). Those born in the second pada of Ashwini nakshatra will have creative nature, rational thinking, and imagination.

3rd pada or Mithuna Navamsa - When the native is born in Ashwini nakshatra, between 6 degrees 40 minutes to 10 degrees, they are in the third pada of Ashwini nakshatra.  The second pada is ruled by Mercury (Budha). Those born in the third pada of Ashwini nakshatra will be good at communication, friendly, agile, and humorist.

4th pada or Karkataka Navamsa - When the native is born in Ashwini nakshatra between 10 degrees to 13 degrees and 20 minutes, they are in the fourth pada of Ashwini nakshatra.  The second pada is ruled by Moon(Chandra). Those born in the fourth pada of Ashwini nakshatra will be emotional, will have empathy, with conscious helping nature and healers

Auspicious activities:

This nakshatra is auspicious to learn new things, for medical treatment, laying the foundation, starting commercial/business activities, traveling, wearing new jewelry, clothes, and such activities.

Professions suitable:

Transportation field

Physicians and pharmacists

Athletes and Army persons

Horse trainers and places like the race course

Hospitals and vaidyashalas

Manufacturers dealing with metals

Other information:

Gana             Deva (god)

Colour          Blood Red

Planet Lord   Ketu

Gemstone    Cat’s eye (Red)

Guna            Tamas

Nadi             Vata (wind)

Gender         Male

Nature          Swift (Kshipra)/ Light (Laghu)

Element        Earth

Varna                      Vyshya (Merchant)

Animal         Male Horse

Syllables       Chu, Che, Cho, La


Sage Dadichi performed austerities and Lord Indra blessed him with the highest knowledge of immortality known as “Madhu Vidya”.  But, he instructed Sage Dadichi to not share this vidya with anyone, if he does so his head will be cut off. The Ashwini Kumaras who are well versed in holistic medicine, approached Sage Dadichi to impart them with the Madhu Vidya.  They told him that first, they will replace Dadichi's head with a horse head, and with that head, he has to teach the vidya to the Ashwini kumaras, and once Indra beheads the Horsehead, the original head of Dadichi will be replaced. 

Sage Dadichi agreed and as soon as he gave the knowledge to the Ashwini Kumaras, Indra slew the horse head, and then the Kumaras placed back the original head of Dadichi.  The Horsehead became “Ashwini – the healing star”

In Ayurveda, the horse head is a symbol of “Prana” or “Life force energy”. In yoga, the horse head is the symbol of the soul’s ability to go beyond the body and merge with the ultimate power.  The cut-off head is a symbolic representation of bliss (honey) emanating from the Sahasrara chakra (crown chakra).  So Madhu Vidya is the knowledge of the supreme bliss.

There are two more such mythological stores of restoring Sage Chyavana’s eyes and youthfulness. The other is that Nakula and Sahadeva are born through Ashwini Kumaras. Nakula is the best horse trainer and Sahadeva is a great mathematician and excellent astrologer. They both are also known to be very handsome.