Education And Planets

Radhika Kothuri 

Education and Planets 

Astrology is a Vedic science that helps reveal the past, present, and future of a person. Education and career are two highly intriguing aspects for an individual, as every parent wants their child to have a great future which is marked by a good education and then by a good profession. In the present age, with a lot of streams of education available, students and parents are confused as to which path to follow. Astrology helps in identifying the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities through an individual's birth chart and will be able to guide the confused parents/students about the right path. They are able to look at these vital pieces of information following the students' 10th or 12th grade when the decision made is crucial. And planets play an important role in this deciding factor. 

Roles of planets and houses in determining education:

  • Jupiter signifies knowledge
  • Mercury signifies intelligence
  • Moon signifies mind

The houses related to education are:

  • 2nd house indicates the basic/primary education and samskaras we receive
  • 4th house indicates higher education (basic college-level education). It represents mind, the ability to retain, and grasp.
  • 5th house indicates memory power. 4th and 5th indicate higher schooling and college education. Both play important roles in grasping, retaining, and the logic powers of the individual.
  • 9th house indicates higher levels of education (master’s degree). This house also determines the logical thinking ability of the person. 
  • 8th house is a special house that, along with 5th house, indicates the different areas of education related to research and occult sciences.

We can easily see the stages of an individual’s education in the horoscope, by checking houses from 2 -9. By checking these particular houses in order, the astrologer can identify times of downfall in the person’s education pathway. Early childhood or primary education information can be found through the 2nd house, overall education prospects can be known through the 4th house, success till the Bachelor’s degree can be seen from both the 4th and 5th houses. The higher (master’s) education prospects can be seen in the 9th house. Having good yogas like “Budhaditya yoga” and “Saraswati yoga” strengthens the possibility of a good education.

Afflictions to any of the above houses indicate hurdles at specific levels of education, which might manifest as problems in general intelligence or in understanding and grasping study material. Having a good Dasa during critical periods in the chart is incredibly important to reap success and recognition in education.

Planets and the areas of education:

  • Sun- Medicine, Administration, Politics, Zoology
  • Moon- Marine, Horticulture, Home Science, Nursing, Botany, Psychology, Marketing.
  • Mars- Military, Geology, Mechanics, Medicine & Surgery, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Agricultural Sciences
  • Mercury- Mathematics, Literature, Banking, Commerce, Aviation, Languages, Journalism, Media(theatre), Arts
  • Jupiter- Law, Banking, Philosophy, Religious Scripture, Research & In-depth learning
  • Venus- Hotel Management, Telecommunication, Fine Arts, Sociology, Architecture, Design (textile, jewelry, etc)
  • Saturn- Metallurgy, Engineering, Politics, History,
  • Rahu- Engineering, Forensic sciences, Electrical, Computer science, nuclear science
  • Ketu- Computer science, Philosophy, Metaphysical subjects

Planetary conjunctions and aspects:

To fine-tune the areas of education, we need to further see the planetary conjunctions and aspects related to 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 9th houses. 

For example, the planets Sun and Mars give success in civil service pathways, it also indicates the individual might become a surgeon. Again the houses, signs, and nakshatras all play vital roles in specific fields and careers. Sun and Venus may make a person interested in fashion, theatre, and any form of art. 

If planets like Mars, Rahu, and Saturn, are closely connected, they grant education in various technical fields like engineering. Mars and Mercury can give ample knowledge about computers. Ketu paired with Mars and Mercury, may further add programming knowledge to an individual and expert in many languages. Jupiter aspect will further amplify and give success and name in the above fields. Jupiter, Saturn, Venus can make one an advocate.

Hence, education and planets have a definite relation where planets are indicators of the education one pursues. One can take the help of astrology to understand the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in a student’s horoscope so that planning can be done accordingly and any weaknesses can be worked out and impact lessened with the help of the right guidance and remedies.


… Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu….