Finding Your Career Path With Vedic Astrology

Radhika Kothuri 

Finding your path – Career with Vedic Astrology 

In present times, everyone is concerned about their career.  Every astrologer faces questions like “Which field of job is suitable for me? Will this job gives me growth and success? Which profession gives me great financial success in life?” A proper analysis of an individual’s chart will be able to guide one towards a suitable field. With an astrologer’s guidance, a student can select a proper field of study that aids in getting a suitable job and have great success in the career path. 

Vedic astrology is the best tool to decide the favorable area of career.  With the unique technique of using dasa/antardasa, an astrologer can predict the best periods for career advancement as well as any pitfalls, and how to overcome or reduce the impact of these periods.  In Vedic astrology, one assesses a career by blending the influences of key houses and planets. The key houses for analyzing career paths are houses: 10, 5, and 6. To decide on an accurate career path, the astrologer needs to read both the Rasi and Dasamsa chart. Since the Amasa charts are based on minute calculations, it is very important that the individual provides the astrologer with an accurate time of birth.   

Tenth house:

The Tenth house is the karma house.  Our Karma is closely linked to the job that we perform.  The strength of the 10th house, the placement of its lord in various houses, the planets in the 10th house along with aspects and conjunctions, will indicate the field of job. 

Fifth house:

The fifth house denotes intelligence, subject knowledge, and higher education.  Most of the time we find an individual struggling in a job, who is in a totally different field from the education they pursue. Seeking an astrologer’s guidance during schooling will help guide the appropriate career based on their planetary placements, in turn, one can see great success in their career path.

Sixth house:

The sixth house denotes service.  Dues, received due to service rendered to others, is the key factor here.  A strong 6th house and its lord give good service and in turn a profitable career in life. 

Dasamsa chart:

It is key to analyze the Dasamsa chart and the Rasi chart to know an individual’s career. Especially nowadays with so many fields of education and career, the analysis will be inconclusive without the dasamsa analysis.

Some important astrological parameters for a career are:

  1. Parivartana yoga between 10th, 5th, and 6th lords gives good career life.
  2. If 10th lord is placed in - Kendra or Kona house or with their lords, or with Lagna lord will give a very good career life. 
  3. Lord of 9th and 10th house either conjunct or aspect forms Bhagya rajyadhipati yoga, this gives a good career along with name and fame.

Most often, with so many career options available in these modern times, it is a mixed bag to pinpoint a correct career path.  Nonetheless, by following some basic rules of Vedic astrology, we can catch a glimpse into an individual’s probable areas of career path.

General areas of career by planets are:

Sun:    Politicians, scientists, leaders, authority, government employees, doctors, directors.

Moon: Nursing, women and children affairs, traveling, marine, chef, restaurants, import/export.

Mars:  Horticulture, weapons, construction, soldier, police, surgeons, engineers, real estate

Mercury:  Teaching, finance, accountants, computers, editors, transport, astrologers, astronomy, chemists

Jupiter: Finance, law, treasury, scholars, priests, politicians, psychologists.

Venus: Beauty, art, music, entertainment industry, architecture, interior designing,  hotels, Jewellery.

Saturn:  Labour, agriculture, building trades, mining,  mortuary, construction, monk, manufacturing

Rahu:  Researchers, engineers, physicians, medicine/drugs, speculators, aviation, electricity, waste.

Ketu:  Religion, investigation, poisons, food tasters, metaphysics, astronomy

 Few important planetary combinations for various professions are:

  1. Doctor:  Jupiter should be in good strength along with luminaries’ sun and Moon.  The 10th house of career and 5th house of healing should be good. 
  2. Lawyer- Along with 10th house, 2nd house of communication, 9th house of justice, and court and 6th house should be good.  The important planets are Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury.
  3. Teacher – Jupiter is the main planet and the houses are 4th, 5th for children, education, and 2nd for good communication.
  4. Politician:  Sun, Jupiter, Mars play a vital role to make a politician.  First, second, fourth, sixth, and 10th are important houses.
  5. Engineer: Mercury, Mars, Saturn, and Rahu are important planets for technical education like engineering.   In that Mercury and Rahu indicate computers, Mars gives electrics and electronics, Saturn gives mining, mechanical, etc. 
  6. Finance and Banking: Planets important for banking and finance are Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn.  Fourth, fifth, and tenth are important houses.
  7. Hotel Management (Chef): Mars and Moon should be good along with the first and the second house should be strong.
  8. Music/theatre- Venus is the most important planet along with Sun and Mercury. The 3rd house is important for self-effort and performing arts should be strong. The second and fourth also should be good. 
  9. Sports: To gain fame in sports, Saturn and Mars are the most important planets.  Houses important are 1st house for strong body and mind, 3rd for sportsmanship, and determination. 10th and 11th for gaining success in the sports field.  
  10. Yogi/Renunciate: First house, 2nd, 5th, 9th, and 12th are most important houses and there should be afflictions in 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th houses so that they give up on family life and lead an ascetic life.  Jupiter, Ketu, Mercury, and Saturn are important planets 

In all the combinations above, a strong first house or first house lord is most vital for a good continuous career life. In many individuals, we will find multiple skill sets and a total change in career path.  A detailed analysis of charts needs to be done before coming to any conclusion related to a career.   To have great success in a career, it is better to choose a profession as per the planetary position of an individual’s chart.