Importance Of Ekadasi

Radhika Kothuri 

May 2021

Ekadasi is a very auspicious day for Hindus. Ekadasi happens when the waning or waxing Moon is on the 11th day of its 15 days cycle. Our ancient seers have given more importance to this day regarding Pooja or fasting etc. than any other day.

Astrologically moon revolves around earth at the rate of 12 degrees every 24 hours.
This period of 12 degree travel is called a tithi. Moon when at 180 degrees away from Sun forms Full moon day and when conjunct with Sun forms New moon day. We observe that during these 2 cycles of New moon and Full moon huge show huge impact on human minds and sea tides. As the human body is 80% water, we cannot deny the fact that Moon has a stronger influence on our body and mind.

 On the 11th day of each cycle, the moon forms a trine with Earth or Sun.  From the 11th day, Moon’s influence on liquids in our body and mind starts rising.  From the 11th day, our body gets into the magnetic pull of the moon heavily.   Gravitational forces between Earth and the Moon drain the pair of their rotational energy, which is the reason we see the effect of the moon in the ocean tides. This gravitational pull will start more from the 11th day which affects our digestion and mind.  

Spiritually Moons transit from one tithi to another relates to various chakras in the body.  In the Shuklapaksha Ekadasi Moon’s position relates to Ajna chakra. In the Krishna paksha, Moon’s position relates to Anahata chakra.   Moon has good power in both these chakras and bestows concentration along with the peace of mind for the meditators on Ekadasi day.

What is the Moon phase:

As the Moon orbits around Earth and Earth around the Sun, the angle between the Sun, Moon, and Earth changes.  As a result, the amount of sunlight that reflects off the Moon and travels to our eyes changes every day.  Moon’s disk changes from all dark to all light and then all dark again.  The length of the moon cycle will vary slightly but on average, it is 29.35 days. The length of the Moon orbiting around earth is 27.3 days approximately the rest 2 days it takes time to catch up with Earth-orbiting Sun. 

Importance of fasting on Ekadasi:

From Ekadasi day Moon’s influence on the human body rises and influences both the mind and digestive system.  From the 11th day till the 5th day from Full Moon(Pournami) or New Moon (Amavasya) will influence our digestive system more.  This also influences the human mind, one will be very emotional and sensitive during those 10 days.  Hence, fasting on Ekadasi cleanses the digestive system, lowers blood pressure, improves metabolism, and removes toxins from the body.  This helps in turn the body to get prepared for the fluid imbalance that is going to happen for the next 10 days. This fasting also flushes out toxins from the body.  When the blood has fewer toxins, the mind will become clear.  Our elders stated that as the 11th day the moon will be powerful and energetic doing meditation along with fasting will renew the energy and reduce any stress level.  This mind, body cleansing will prepare the individual to face and handle the next couple of days well physically and mentally.