Krittika Nakshatra

Radhika Kothuri 

Aug 2022

In the series of Nakshatras, the third nakshatra is Krittika.  Detailed information on the Nakshatra, its characteristics, gender, gana, and all the details are given below:

Krittika Nakshatra ranges from 26 degrees 40 minutes in Mesha to 10 degrees in Vrishabha rasi.   The presiding deity for Krittika nakshatra is Agni (fire). Krittika nakshatra symbol is an Axe, Flame(fire) or Razor.  The planetary ruler is Sun.

Krittika Nakshatra:

Krittika word comes from the Sanskrit word “Krut” which means “cut”, Krittika also means the cutter or one who has discerning nature.  

The symbol Knife or flame represents the ability to burn or cut.  Just as fire burns away the impurities, negative elements are burned away to reach the deeper positive aspect.  Krittika nakshatra bestows light, warmth, and nourishment. 

The ruling deity of Krittika nakshatra is Agni.  Agni has the power to carry the prana, the life force, and the vitality.  Offerings to Gods is made through sacred fire.  Agni is associated with purification and transformation. 


Krittika nakshatra natives will be intelligent, straightforward, and passionate.  They lack patience and will be blunt at times.  They will be fond of traveling.  They will have a strong appetite and will have excellent cooking skills.  They will be confident people and will be mostly self-made people.  They are very competitive in nature and will dive deep into a risky situation without thinking.  Krittika native people will have leadership qualities. They will be adept at breaking down major problems and solving them easily.  They will show interest in learning martial arts or some type of defense techniques.  They will be high-risk takers and will work slowly and steadily to achieve their goals. They will have the capability of coming out of others clutches/pressure very easily.  They will be very sensual and will give importance to the sexual relationship.  They will respect elders and religious/spiritual gurus.  These natives will be highly egoistic and hard critics.

Krittika is known as a mishra (mixed) nakshatra.  It is soft as well as harsh nakshatra,  like its deity Agni which can melt or repair things.  Agni is both used to cook food in the kitchen as well as it burns down things.  Krittika nakshatra natives will also have this double nature of doing good and raising voices against anything bad. They will be multitasking. 

The planets associated with nakshatra Krittika in once chart will give associated results.  Like if the 10th lord is associated with Krittika nakshatra and if the chart indicates the medical profession the native may become a surgeon. Likewise, they may even become firefighters or butchers, etc. based on the planet associated with the Krittika nakshatra.   If the second lord is associated with Krittika nakshatra they may have sharp speech. 

Physical characteristics:

They will be extremely attractive.  They will have seducing smile and behavior.  They will be energetic.  Either they will have golden hue complexion or will be slightly darker in complexion. Female Krittika natives also at times show masculine tendencies.

Padas of Krittika Nakshatra:

1st pada or Dhanur navamsa: When the native is born in Krittika nakshatra, between 26 degrees 40 minutes to 30 degrees in Mesha rasi, they are in the first pada of Krittika Nakshatra.  The first pada is ruled by Jupiter (Guru).  Those born in the first pada will be philosophical in nature.  Will have a great interest in learning scriptural subjects.  Family responsibilities and bonding are important.  They will be generous, courageous, and self-confident people.  They will be tall with a slightly long face. 

2nd pada or Makara Navamsa - When the native is born in Krittika nakshatra, between 30 degrees to 33 degrees 20 minutes in Vrishabha rasi, they are in the second pada of Krittika nakshatra.  The second pada is ruled by Saturn(Sani). Those born in the second pada of Krittika nakshatra will give importance to material comforts in life, and be slightly slow in taking decisions.  They will work hard to achieve material success.  They will be medium built, with slightly long limbs.

3rd pada or Kumbha Navamsa - When the native is born in Krittika nakshatra, between 33 degrees 20 minutes to 36 degrees and 40 minutes, they are in the third pada of Krittika nakshatra.  The third pada is ruled by Saturn (Sani). Those born in the third pada will be lethargic, short-tempered, and will have less patience.  They will be sensual in nature.  They will have a wheatish complexion and will walk slightly bent. They will actively take part in community seva.

4th pada or Meena Navamsa - When the native is born in Krittika nakshatra between 36 degrees 40 minutes to 40 degrees, they are in the fourth pada of Krittika nakshatra.  The fourth pada is ruled by Jupiter(Guru). Those born in the fourth pada will be sensitive, religious, and spiritual in nature.  Their advice is sought both at work and in personal life. They will have a slightly heavy-built body and will be sensual in nature.

Auspicious activities:

Krittika nakshatra is all about championships and passing tests, hence, appearing for tests, competitions, sports, and like will be favorable. 

Removing the things like removing weeds in the garden or cutting an infected tree, cutting the fields for produce, tearing down structures, haircuts, garment stitching, etc.

Starting any homas, making gold items from old jewelry(where one needs to melt gold), making ghee (purification of butter), etc.

Professions suitable:

Military or Police,





Mine workers

Chemical and refining jobs


Any jobs dealing with sharp objects and fire like barbers, butchers, goldsmith


Severe stomach issues like gas, diarrhea, stomach ulcers, accidents, inflammation, cuts, burns, high fevers, pain in the hip, upper back, stress related ailments as well as private part ailments are common with Krittika nakshatra natives. 

Other information:

Gana             Rakshasa

Colour          White

Planet Lord   Sun

Guna            Rajas

Nadi             Kapha

Gender         Female

Nature          Mixed sharp & soft

Element        Earth

Direction      North

Varna           Brahmin       

Animal         Female sheep

Tree            Incense- Gular, Athi

Syllables       Aa, Ee, Oo, Ey


Mythology #1

  1. Demon Taraka was gaining immense strength and it scared the Gods. He had a boon from Lord Brahma that only the son of Shiva could kill him.  Taraka was causing a lot of havoc on earth and heaven with his new power.  It was the time when Shiva became a recluse after Sati’s death and Parvathi was doing her austerities(tapas) to appease Shiva by marrying her. All the gods took the help of Manmatha (Kamadeva) in getting Shiva and Parvati married.  In the process, Manmatha is burnt into ashes by Shiva.  Shiva and Parvati in their passion produce a ball of fire, which was difficult to handle.  As Agni intrudes on their privacy, angered Parvathy asks Agni to hold the ball of fire for incubation.  It was very hot for Agni also to handle he then passed the fiery fetus to Ganga.  Ganga finally placed the fetus in the pond which is filled with nourishing matter formed by the Parvathi.  Six children are born and were taken care of by six krittikas (wives of the six rishis) who took care of them like mothers. Parvathi upon seeing the six children is filled with affection and carries them all, they all turn into one child with six heads and 12 limbs. As he was taken care of Krittikas he is known as Karthikeya.  He grew very fast and on the seventh day of his birth, Karthikeya killed the mighty demon Taraka. 

Mythology #2

  1. Agni gets infatuated with the seven wives of the Saptarishis. He approaches all the wives of rishis and they reject his proposal.  Dejected Agni goes into the forest to do penance. One of the daughters of Daksha – Swaha gets attracted to Agni.   Swaha knows the real cause of Agni’s dejection thought of impersonating the seven wives. Each time she impersonates one rishi wife Agni would accept swaha and would make love to her.  Swaha preserves the six vital energy fluids.  Swaha fails to impersonate Arundhathi one of the saptarishis wives because of the boon of Lord Vishnu to her. Swaha gives the six energy fluids to the wives of the six rishis to nurture.  The children who were born grew very fast and became one with six heads, 12 limbs, and one body and is known as Kartikeya.