Lunar Eclipse Nov 8th, 2022

Radhika Kothuri 

Nov 2022

Lunar Eclipse November 8th, 2022

The second and the last lunar eclipse (Chandra Grahan) of the year 2022 is going to fall on November 8th on the Karthika Pournami(full moon) day. This eclipse is also known as Beaver Blood Moon.

The eclipse is forming at 21 degrees Mesha in Bharani nakshatra.  During this period Sun, Mercury, Venus all will be in Vishaka nakshatra and Sun is in very close proximity to Ketu.  Mars also going retrograde and moving to Vrishabha on 13th  all may give overall malefic effects.  Eclipse forming in Bharani nakshtra, its diety is Yama, who is God of death may give malefic effects or death like situation in many ways, both at individual and mundane level.

An eclipse will be felt anytime from the eclipse day to next three months, especially if it is a full eclipse.

Lunar eclipse (Chandra Grahan):

This is a celestial phenomenon when the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth get aligned in a straight line.  The Moon revolves around and positions itself behind the Earth. This in turn causes the Sun’s rays to get blocked by the Earth casting a shadow on the Moon.  A Lunar eclipse occurs only on a full moon night.  Eclipses come in pairs and coincide with new Moon and full moons.

Eclipses have great importance in Astrology as it affects one’s astrological conditions.

 There are three types of Lunar eclipses:

  1. Partial Lunar Eclipse: In this type of eclipse, the Moon is partially covered by the Earth, hence, giving its name: Partial Lunar Eclipse.
  2. Penumbral Lunar Eclipse: This is when Moon in its path moves through Earth’s Penumbra, in turn, this dims the surface of the Moon and creates a part image due to the blocked rays from the Sun. (In astrology, this eclipse is not taken into account).
  3. Total Lunar Eclipse: This happens when the Earth fully covers the Moon.  A Total Lunar Eclipse forms when the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun are positioned in a straight line. 

Overall impact of Lunar Eclipse:

  1. Military activity will continue to increase in Ukraine and Russia.
  2. Many countries will improve their military base.
  3. Natural calamities like volcanoes and earthquakes may be there in Africa, South North America, and a few of southeastern countries
  4. There will be differences between country heads and their party members in taking important decisions.
  5. Waterborne diseases and flu will be more.
  6. The stock market will see a dip
  7. The economy will take a heavy beat for the next one month.
  8. At an individual level there will be an increase in anxiety and stress. Pregnant women need to take extra care of their health.   This anxiety is felt more by Mesha Rasi, and Tula Rasi natives.

Lunar Eclipse timings and visibility:

Nov 8th, 5:28 pm to 7:26 pm Maximum is at 5:31 pm  (New Delhi, India) 1 hour 58 mts

Nov 8th 12:02 am to 5:56 am Maximum is at 2:59 am(USA PST) 5 hours 54 mts

Nov 8th, 3:02 am to 6:49 am  Maximum is at 5:59 am (USA EST) 3 hours 47 mts

Lunar eclipse visible:

North/East Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, Much of South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Arctic, Antarctica.

In India, the eclipse would be visible only in eastern regions whereas the rest of India will witness only a partial eclipse. Cities with a total lunar eclipse is Kolkata, Siliguri, Patna, Ranchi, Guwahati, and Khatmandu.

Do’s during eclipse:

  • Place Dharbha grass(Kusa) on the food items like pickles etc., so that they can be used again.
  • Take head baths during starting of the eclipse, the peak of the eclipse, and again after the eclipse.
  • Do mantra Japa, especially those with the same nakshatra as well as same rasi as of eclipse nakshatra, here Bharani nakshatra, Mesha Rasi as well as Tula Rasi.
  • Any mantra japa related to Shiva like the Mahamrutyunjaya mantra for health, Siva panchakshari “Om Namah Shivaya” are very good to do during the lunar eclipse period.

Don’ts during eclipse:

  • To not consume any type of food item during the eclipse.  Scientifically, during this eclipse period, the rays emitted are unhealthy which may cause indigestion hence it is advised not to consume food.
  • Avoid starting any new projects and financial transactions.
  • Avoid using sharp objects
  • Pregnant Women are advised not to go out or directly see the eclipse, as it may affect their unborn child or chances of miscarriage is more.