Medical Astrology Part I - Planets And Their Significance

Radhika Kothuri 

Medical astrology is a branch of Vedic astrology that is devoted to the study of human anatomy and health.

For a healthy mind and body, the lagna and its lord should be strong and unafflicted. The atma karaka Sun position is important for good physical health, and the Moon position is important for sound mental health, and favorable mental capacity.  If the ascendant or ascendant lord is weak in placement, in conjunction with, or aspected by malefic planets, then health will be weak. If the lagna lord is with 22nd drekkana, health ailments will cause severe inconvenience in life. 

The houses that denote health issues are:
- The dusthana houses in astrology are 6th, 8th, and 12th, malefic planets in these houses are not good for health. 
- Sixth house: In a chart sixth house indicates sickness or diseases.  The dasa, bhuktis of the lord of the sixth house, or planets in the sixth house will give health concerns related to that planet/house.   
- Eighth house: This house indicates, surgery, accident, dangers from the disease. Eight house is also known as Longevity house.
- Twelfth house: The importance of the twelfth house related to health is it indicates confinement, hospitalization, unknown health ailments, and type of death. 
- Besides these three dusthana houses, if the other houses are badly afflicted with malefic planets, they give specific diseases governed by those houses, signs, and planets contained in them.  The diseases may show up during the afflicted planets dasa and bhuktis. 

An individual’s horoscope will indicate with great accuracy the health ailments, constitutional makeup, and the weaknesses in the body. As per Ayurveda the seven planets correspond to the three doshas  - Kapha, Pitta, and Vata.

The Seven planets correspond to the seven gross elements as well as different systems:

Sun               Bones

Moon            Blood - Circulatory system

Mars             Bone Marrow - Muscular system

Mercury        Skin - Veins

Jupiter          Fat - Digestive system

Venus           Seminal energy -  Reproductive system

Saturn           Veins - Excretory system


Significance of various houses in medical astrology:

First house or Mesha: Head, Face, Brain, blood vessels of brain, jaw, mind

Second house or Vrisabha: Teeth, Speech, Right eye, Right ear, Throat, Larynx, Neck, Bones-Blood vessels, and Nerves connecting to throat and neck.

Third house or Mithuna: shoulders, breathing, hands, hand-related motor skills, fingers,  skin

Fourth house or Karkataka: Chest, breast, breast ribs, lungs, blood, gastric acid, pancreas, the upper part of the liver.

Fifth house or Simha: Heart, spinal cord, upper abdomen,  blood circulation

Sixth house or Kanya: Naval,  intestines, lower abdomen, the lower part of the liver, Low back, spleen

Seventh House or Tula: Waist, lumbar region, groin, Semen, Uterus, private parts, kidney, skin

Eight house or Vrischika: Renal area, part of kidney function, pelvic area, bladder, sexual diseases, part of the private parts, prostate gland.

Ninth house or Dhanus:  Hips, Nerves, Thighs,

Tenth house or Makara, Knees, Joints, bones, skin, hair

Eleventh house or Kumbha : Ankles, blood circulation, leg and calf muscles

Twelfth house or Meena: Left eye, left ear, Feet, toes, hospitalization

The houses from 2nd to 6th govern the right side of the body like the right eye, right ear, etc.  And from 12th to 8th (in that order) they govern the left side of the body.

Planets and the areas of health:

Sun is the provider of nourishment to the whole body, it is a Pitta planet.  It signifies, brain, stomach, bile digestive fire, heart, eyesight, teeth, spine, and blood.
If Sun is afflicted in the chart it gives the native very weak eye-sight, headaches, erratic blood circulation, heart trouble, blood pressure, baldness, weak immune system, and gall bladder ailments, diabetes(Jupiter and Mercury are involved).

It is a mixture of Vata and Kapha constitution.  It signifies mental, emotional health.  Moon governs the fluid of the body,breast, lungs, chest, glands near neck and blood.  It also rules Uterus, ovaries and menstrual cycle. 
If Moon is afflicted in the chart, it gives lung, menstrual disorders, Uterus issues, severe sleep disorders, vertigo (mercury also is involved), Respiratory ailments like Tuberculosis, cough, cold, thyroid glands, lymph nodes.  In the emotional side it gives hyper sensitivity, over reaction, insomnia and psychic problems.

Mars is a fiery and Pitta nature planet.  Mars governs the digestion, muscular system, blood, bone marrow, intestine, head.
If Mars is afflicted in the chart, it gives accidents, burns, skin rashes (mercury is also involved), surgeries, piles/hemorrhoids, tumors, terminal illness, boils, typhoid (moon also is involved),  anger-related issues, inflammation, muscular spasms.

Mercury has all the three constitutions Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.  Mercury governs nervous system, skin, mind, tongue, mouth, hands, abdomen.
If afflicted in the chart Mercury gives, vertigo, migraines, nervous breakdown, anxiety, nightmares, insomnia, skin disease, impotency/fertility issues, memory, speech and hearing issues,  epilepsy, Eczema, Spectrum related health concerns.

Jupiter is a Kapha planet.  Jupiter governs the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, digestion, fat tissue, physical growth, feet, throat, circulation.
If Jupiter is afflicted it causes, circulatory and lymphatic issues, diabetes, liver ailments, flatulence, anemia, thrombosis.

Venus is both Vata and Kapha constitution planet.  Venus governs private parts, semen or ovum, reproductive parts, kidney, throat, eyes, cheeks, urinary bladder, pelvis. 
If Venus is afflicted, it gives health ailments related to the reproductive system, kidneys, anemia, sexual organ issues, venereal diseases, blood pressure (the sun is also involved), paralysis, cataract(the sun is also involved).

Saturn is a vata planet.  Saturn governs joints, tissues, teeth, knees, tendons, bone, phlegm etc. 
If Saturn is afflicted in the chart, it gives chronic and degenerative diseases, cancer, arthritis, rheumatism, gout, indigestion, urinary bladder, fractures (mars is also involved) etc.

Rahu is both Kapha and Vata in the constitution.
Rahu if afflicted, it gives, boils, allergies (mercury is also involved), ulcers, spleen issue, food poisoning – all ailments related to poison, leprosy, cancer, feet, insect/pet bites, intestine, hysteria and hallucinations (moon is also involved).

Ketu is a Pitta planet. 
If Ketu is afflicted spine ailments, inflammation, nerve ailments (mercury is involved), speech and hearing ailments, addictions, ulcers, muscle spasms, incurable diseases, infectious diseases.