Medical Astrology Part II Diseases

Radhika Kothuri 

Planetary combinations for various Diseases

In part I of the medical astrology we covered the houses that denote health issues, the significance of various houses in medical astrology, planets, and the areas of health.  In the present article, we will look into “Planetary combinations for various diseases”

  1. Eye Ailments:

Eyes are associated with Sun and Moon.  The houses related to the eye are 2nd and 12th house.  The right eye is 2nd house and the left eye can be seen from 12th house in astrology.  Few planetary combinations that can give eye ailments are:

  • If the lords of 2nd and 12th house are located at dusthanas 6, 8, and 12 or conjunct with malefics
  • If Sun or Moon is conjunct or aspected by malefics like Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, and Mars. If they are either posted or have some influence on 2nd and 12th.
  • Sun in Lagna in Mesha leads to inflammation of the eye. In Simha, it gives night blindness, In Karkataka it gives cataract and in Tula, it leads to blindness.
  • Two malefics in 2nd
  • 2nd, and 12th lord in 6th, 8th, 12th houses from Venus.
  1. Liver ailments:

Digestion and Liver are related to Jupiter.  The fifth house and even 6th are for stomach and liver ailments.   Malefics with Jupiter or aspecting it along with Mercury and Sani give these health ailments. Fifth house lord in dusthanas or with malefics all indicates weak digestive system and liver areas. 

  1. Kidney ailments:

Mercury, sixth and eight house lords indicate kidney related ailments.  Sixth house indicate right side of the kidney and eight house denotes left kidney.  Any malefics in the 6th and 8th house or lords with malefics may give kidney ailments.

  1. Heart ailments:

Sun is the main planet for Heart-related ailments.  The combinations that can give heart-related ailments are:

  • Sun with dusthana 6th, 8th, and 12th
  • Sun conjunct or aspected by Mars, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu.
  • Simha Rasi afflicted by malefics.
  • The ailment may surface during dasa and antardasas of the 5th house along with bad placement of the Sun. 
  • Afflictions to the 5th and 4th house from Lagna or from Sun in some cases indicate surgical treatment to the heart. Fifth house dasa and antardasa further aid to this.
  1. Dental ailments:

Sun and Rahu along with Saturn give dental ailments.

  • Malefics in 2nd house or 2nd lord with dusthana house lords.
  • Rahu in lagna or 5th house
  • Mesha or Vrishabha either being first or 2nd house aspected or with malefics
  1. Diabetes:

Jupiter, Venus and Saturn will give diabetes.  As Saturn gives chronic disease, hence if it gets involved with Venus or Jupiter in dusthanas or with their lords can give Diabetes.

  • Venus in 6th house aspected by Jupiter
  • Jupiter retrograde or afflicted in trik houses
  • Jupiter debilitated and placed in dusthanas
  • Lord of 5th house conjunct with dusthana 6th, 8th, 12th lord
  • Jupiter afflicted with malefics
  1. Deafness or ear ailments:

As explained in some classical texts Mercury, Saturn, 2nd house and lagna gives ear ailments and deafness.

  • Mercury in 6th, 8th or 12th house aspected by Saturn.
  • Mercury with sun in 2nd, 6th or 12th house and aspected by nodes.
  • Mercury, Moon and Mars in Rahu/Ketu axis in 2nd and 12th
  • Mercury with Venus in 12th house with malefics gives left ear problem
  • Mercury with venus in 2nd house with malefics gives right ear ailments.
  1. Impotence:

Mercury, Saturn, Ketu, Moon and Venus are the planets that give Impotency.

  • Mercury and Saturn aspecting in odd signs.
  • Mercury, Saturn and Ketu in either 7th or 8th
  • Moon, Venus and Ketu all together in Odd signs
  • Moon in odd signa and Mercury in even sign aspected by Mars – this gives surgery leading to impotency.
  1. Hemorrhoids (Piles):

Mars, Saturn and Sun are the planets that give Piles.

  • Mars in Vrischika and Saturn in 7th house
  • Saturn and Mars in lagna and 7th house
  • Malefics in 7th and 8th house and aspected by sun
  1. Tuberculosis and Pulmonary ailments:

Moon,Sun, Venus with Malefics

  • Lagna aspected by Saturn and Mars
  • Venus with lagna lord in any of the trik house (3,6,11)
  • Moon and sun in mutual exchange in rasi or navamsha charts
  • Moon with Saturn in 4th house and aspected by Nodes.
  • Mars in 4th and aspected by Moon or Malefics.
  1. Mental ailments:

There are different types of mind related ailments some mild to heavy. Moon, Saturn, Sun,Mercury, Rahu are the main planets.

  • Sun and Moon in lagna, 5th or 9th house (past life issues)
  • Saturn with lagna lord, Sun and Mars (Schizophrenia)
  • Saturn in lagna, Mars and Moon in trine and Sun in 12th house
  • Mercury in lagna aspected by Moon and Mars
  • Saturn in 12th house with the waning moon (anxiety and hallucinations)
  • Mercury with 2nd or 12th lords in debilitation or in dusthana houses (ADHD)
  • Rahu and Moon in lagna and malefics in trines.
  • Moon, Rahu, and Saturn in lagna or trik houses.
  1. Cancer:

The terminal illness, with malignant growth and lumps.  Saturn, Moon, Mars. Rahu, Ketu and Jupiter all prominently give cancer.  The dusthanas and trik houses and the planets in them indicate the area of cancer. Most of the time it is seen that Mercury is also conjunct with Saturn, Mars indicating skin ailments due to treatment (Chemotherapy).

  • If Saturn is conjunct with Jupiter or Ketu and the Dasa/antardasas also signify any of these planets the recovery will be very difficult
  • If the Saturn is aspected by mars and Rahu and the dasa/antardasa are of these planets then there will be some recovery and a very delayed relapse.
  • Moon with Saturn and aspected by malefics gives faster multiplication of cells.
  1. Accidents/Injury:

The below combinations can give the injuries.  Generally the planets involved are Saturn, Mars, and nodes.

  • Sun in 10th house aspected by Mars in 4th indicate vehicular accidents.
  • Saturn, Rahu and Mars in 8th house gives accidents
  • Mars in the 4th, Sun or Saturn in 7th house
  • Sun and Saturn in the lagna in Rahu/ketu axis leads to fall from heights.
  • Mars or Rahu in 12th aspected by Saturn will give accidents with sharp objects or fire.
  • Exchange between 4th and 6th house lords
  1. Joint and Knee pains:

Saturn, Mars, Moon, and Rahu give these pains.  Malefic planets along with the related planets in  6th (low back) 10th knee caps and 11th house(legs).

  • Saturn in 10th or 11th house along with malefics
  • Rahu aspecting either 10th or 11th house will give knee problems
  • Mercury, Saturn, Mars in 10, 11 and 12th house aspected by nodes gives nerve-related ailments and pain in foot, legs/knees.

Some more combinations and health ailments:

  • Rahu and Mercury if afflicted in lagna and the third house will give skin diseases.
  • Second house afflictions will give speech and voice defects.
  • If the second house is hemmed between malefics mostly it may give dumbness.
  • Sun afflicting second or 12th house gives eye defects, squint eye, etc.
  • Moon afflicted in 3rd or 11th house in a watery sign and aspected by malefics gives ear ailments with ear discharge.
  • If Moon, and Mars in 4th and with malefic aspects gives weezing, respiratory ailments.
  • If 5th is an airy sign with malefics, moon hemmed between malefics may give brain tumor leading to surgery. 
  • 6th house Venus gives veneral diseases, dysfunction of sex glands etc. 
  • Mercury and Venus in 6th gives Hernia type of nerve/intestine issues.
  • Mercury in 6th also gives loss of memory . Ketu in 6th or 8th house gives fistula.
  • If lagna is occupied by Mars, Rahu or Saturn ailments related to sex and urinary bladder may be there.
  • Saturn and Mars in 1st and 7th house with malefics more so ketu and mercury will give impotency and homosexuality.
  • Afflicted 7th house or lord gives sexual disorders and psychological issues.
  • Venus in 7th aspected by Saturn gives non functional testicles or ovaries
  • Afflicted 8th house and its lord gives renal issues, bursitis and longevity concerns.
  • Mercury or Moon afflicted in 9th house gives brain disease.
  • Afflicted 9th house or Sun with malefics gives fractures of knee joint etc.
  • Afflicted Mars with lagnalord and malefics in 11th indicate injurty to limbs leading to partial disability.
  • Afflicted 12th house occupied or aspecte by sAturn may make a person enunch.
  • Malefics in 12th with Sun or Moon give severe eye and ear defect.


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