Punarvasu Nakshatra

Radhika Kothuri 

Jan 2023


In the series of Nakshatras the seventh nakshatra is Punarvasu.  Detailed information on the Nakshatra, its characteristics, gender, gana and all the details are given below:

Punarvasu Nakshatra ranges from 20 degrees Mithuna to 3 degrees 20 minutes in Karkataka rasi.   The presiding deity for Punarvasu nakshatra is Aditi, the mother of devatas.  Goddess Aditi represents abundance, infinity, and freedom.  Punarvasu nakshatra symbol is a bow and quiver of an arrow.  The planetary ruler is Jupiter.

Punarvasu Nakshatra:

Punarvasu word comes from the Sanskrit word Punah –once again and Vasu  - wealth or excellence, together it means restored wealth.   Another meaning – Vasu also means Ray of light. The deity of Punarvasu nakshatra is Aditi.  She is the mother of gods. She represents nurturing sustenance of all existence, and nourishment.

The planetary ruler Jupiter is associated with wisdom, virtue and spirituality. The symbol of the Bow and quiver represent readiness, focus, sharpness and replenishment.


Punarvasu nakshatra natives will be the kindest and will take an active part in any charity activities.  Both male and female will have a caring, loving and nurturing nature.  They will be devoted to their parents.  They will be responsible and honest in nature and will be the first to help their siblings or relatives.  They will be consistent and persistent.  They will love travelling and exploring.  They like their freedom and will be outspoken.  This may prove difficult in marriage life.  They will be calm in nature but when their freedom is encroached they will become argumentative and stubborn.  They will have a spiritual inclination and will have philosophical nature.  They will have high memory which will make them restless and bored fast.

On the negative side, they will be over-critical, stubborn and argumentative on minor matters.  They like to lead very simple life against their family members.  Because of their high thought processes, they will be impulsive and controlling, this may also cause anxiety and restlessness.

Physical characteristics:

Punarvasu nakshatra natives will have a prominent nose and long face.  They will have long limbs like a long arm, fingers and thighs.  They will be handsome to look at and will have a prominent identification mark on face or back of the head. 

Padas of Punarvasu Nakshatra:

1st pada or Mesha navamsa: When the native is born in Punarvasu nakshatra, between 20  degrees to 23 degrees and 20 minutes in Mithuna rasi, they are in the first pada of Punarvasu Nakshatra.  The first pada is ruled by Mars (Kuja).  Those born in the first pada will be adventurous, energetic and active.  They will be talented and skilled.  They do not like to the questioned for their innovative ideas and may become aggressive.  They will give great importance to friends and friendship. They will be good coaches.  They will be slightly less communicative.

2nd pada or Vrishabha navamsa - When the native is born in Punarvasu nakshatra, between 23 degrees 20 minutes 26 degrees 40 minutes in Mithuna rasi, they are in the second pada of Punarvasu nakshatra.  The second pada is ruled by Venus (Shukra). Those born in the second pada of Punarvasu nakshatra will have a charismatic personality.  They will be popular and well-known among their social groups. They will be artistic and creative in nature. They will work very hard to achieve materialistic gains in life.  They will be interested in investments and financial matters.  They will be good in food, hotel and transport management areas.

3rd pada or Mithuna Navamsa - When the native is born in Punarvasu nakshatra, between 26 degrees 40 minutes to 30 degrees in Mithuna Rasi they are in the third pada of Punarvasu nakshatra.  The third pada is ruled by Mercury (Budha). Those born in the third pada will be intelligent, fast in grasping and logical in nature.  They will be business savvy and have marketing skills. They will be good in sciences and mathematics. They will be excellent writers and communicators.  They will be passionate in nature and may have a good number of friends from the opposite sex.  They will be friendly and helpful.

4th pada or Karkataka Navamsa - When the native is born in Punarvasu nakshatra between 30 degrees in Mithuna Rasi to 3 degrees to 20 minutes in Karkataka Rasi, they are in fourth pada of Punarvasu nakshatra.  The fourth pada is ruled by Moon(Chandra). Those born in the fourth pada will be compassionate, nurturing, and sensitive.  They will have great inner strength to face any situation. They will be artistic in nature and also will be good cooks.

Auspicious activities:

Activities favourable to start in Punarvasu nakshatra are planting trees, gardening, changing residence, changing job, buying vehicle, travelling, going on a pilgrimage, construction, starting any course, and starting any health/healing activities.

Some of the activities not to perform in this nakshatra are initiating legal matters and giving any loans.

Professions suitable:

  1. Artists
  2. Writer, editor
  3. Pilot/aviation
  4. Journalist
  5. Travel agents
  6. Spiritual gurus/priests
  7. Hotel Management
  8. Hospitality
  9. Business/trading
  10. Architecture


Primary body parts represented by Punarvasu nakshatra is fingers and nose. 

Ailments related to punarvasu nakshatra are:

  1. Hand and finger motor skill
  2. Adenoids, sinus
  3. Neurological ailments,
  4. Memory related
  5. Special aids related to learning disabilities
  6. Impulse control ailments like diabetes, venereal disease, liver

 Other information:

Gana             Devata

Colour          Lead or Steel Grey

Planet Lord    Jupiter

Guna            Sattvic

Nadi             Vata

Gender         Male

Nature          Changeable/moveable

Element        Water

Direction      North

Varna            Vaishya

Animal         Female cat

Bird              Swan

Tree            Bamboo

Syllables       Ke, Ko, Ha, and Hee


Mythology #1

One of the important goddesses in Vedas is Aditi.  She is the mother of 33 Demigods consisting of Adityans, Maruts and Vasu.  She represents abundance, large families, and nourishment.  These demi-gods were dethroned by Mahisasura.  Aditi approaches Lord Vishnu for help.  Lord Vishnu pacifies her and promises to take birth in her womb to kill the asura.  Vishnu is born as Vamana to Aditi.  Vamana fights with the asura and wins over the Demigods their kingdoms.  This is the nakshatra Punarvasu that is getting back after the devastation.

Mythology #2

As all the nakshatras continue with the mythology of the previous nakshatras, the previous nakshatra of Punarvasu is Ardra in which Rudra shot his arrow at Brahma which led him to unconsciousness.  After that, the bow comes back to Rudra, which symbolizes Punarvasu nakshatra.  The aggression and chaos of Ardra nakshatra calm down in punarvasu bringing peace and hope.  Punarvasu nakshatra is all about giving second chance and bringing peace and sanity in life. 

Mythology #3

Lord Rama is born in Punarvasu nakshatra.  His story is all about losing, and winning back resulting in peace after chaos.