Rohini Nakshatra

Radhika Kothuri 

Oct 2022


In the series of Nakshtras the fourth nakshatra is Rohini.  Detailed information on the Nakshatra, its characteristics, gender, gana, and all the details are given below:

Rohini Nakshatra ranges from 10 degrees to 23 degrees 20 minutes in Vrishabha rasi.   The presiding deity for Rohini nakshatra is Brahma. Rohini nakshatra symbol is the Ox cart pulled by two oxen, a fish, or a banyan tree.  The planetary ruler is Moon.

Rohini Nakshatra:

Rohini word means the reddish one which also means growth.  It is also associated with a young girl which indicates it is a fertile nakshatra.  

The symbol of two oxen, fish, or a banyan tree indicates all three represent growth, fertility, and prosperity with strong self-determination.  The cart led by two oxen tills the barren land and then makes it easy for the growth of a plant from seed.  Similarly fish also indicate growth as fish lays lots of eggs and their movement is also related to sperm movement.  

The ruling deity of Rohini nakshatra is Brahma or Prajapati the creator. This indicates the desire to create something and a creative mind.  In another words, Prajna means creative and procreative powers.  Pati means lord hence Prajapati “The Lord of Procreation”


Rohini nakshatra natives will be attractive, with captivating personalities, sweet speaking, and truthful.  They will be dedicated to working and will have a good artistic inclination in whatever they do.  They will be slightly lazy and will try to procrastinate a lot.  They can easily tell lies and will be very erratic in nature.  Very passionate and lustful.   

They seek attention and feel like to be appreciated.  They are very grounded and patient people.  They typically are bound by boundaries and will not like to come out of their box or zone.  This may make them look rigid.  They will be emotionally attached to relationships as well as certain comforts in life.  Will have multiple romantic relationships.  They will be well dressed and well mannered and expect the same from others.  They are responsible and give importance to family values.  They will have charming and impressive personalities. 

They are opportunists who try to manipulate situations using their charm to get favors and support from others. They are very competitive and will not see for what they are competing or with whom.  They are very obstinate and full of themselves most of the time. They will be overprotective or possessive which will lead to suspicious nature.  They do not like to take any advice given by others.  They will criticize others easily.  They will be less logical and conservative in nature. 

Physical characteristics:

Rohini nakshatra natives will have expressive eyes, full lips, wide hips, and large breasts with a beautiful physique.  They will have a seductive voice and emotional speech.  They will have mostly feminine features and a seductive gait.  They are very romantic people and express their feelings mostly with their tone and gestures.  They have seductive eyes and can charm the opposite sex easily. 

Padas of Rohini Nakshatra:

1st pada or Mesha navamsa: When the native is born in Rohini nakshatra, between 10 degrees to 13 degrees and 20 minutes in Vrishabha rasi, they are in the first pada of Rohini Nakshatra.  The first pada is ruled by Mars(Kuja).  Those born in the first pada will be competitive business people. They will be well-liked, will have an interest in athletics, and will have an athletic built of the body as well. They will be daring and candid.  They will not think twice about causing harm to others if they are wronged. Will travel a lot. They will have a pale complexion with small eyes with average height. 

2nd pada or Vrishabha Navamsa - When the native is born in Rohini nakshatra, between 13 degrees twenty and 16 degrees and 40 minutes in Vrishabha rasi, they are in the second pada of Rohini nakshatra.  The second pada is ruled by Venus(Shukra). Those born in the second pada of Rohini nakshatra will be highly ambitious, enjoy the material comforts of life, will be active in social circles, as well as take part in religious activities.  In the process of enjoying life to the full will get into addiction and secret pleasures easily.  They like to own lot of pets. They will have a big nose, fair complexion, well-proportioned body.

3rd pada or Mithuna Navamsa - When the native is born in Rohini nakshatra, between 16 degrees 40 minutes to 20 degrees, they are in the third pada of Rohini nakshatra.  The third pada is ruled by Mercury(Budha). Those born in the third pada will be artistic in nature, soft-spoken, flexible in nature and good-looking.  They like to collect antique items.  Will be good at mathematics.  They like to be among like-minded people and travel a lot.  They will have luxurious and soft skin with youthful looks and medium stature. 

4th pada or Karkataka Navamsa - When the native is born in Rohini nakshatra between 20 degrees to 23 degrees and 20 minutes, they are in the fourth pada of Rohini nakshatra.  The fourth pada is ruled by Moon(Chandra). Those born in the fourth pada will be intelligent, sensitive, romantic, and emotional people.  They will respect teachers and elders.  They will be very competitive.  They like to maintain their body attractive.  They will be over-ambitious in the process they will thin their abilities a lot.  They will have attractive body, long nose, and attractive/watery eyes.

Auspicious activities:

Rohini nakshatra is all about a new beginning, self-improvement and spiritual practice.  This is the most auspicious nakshatra for weddings and other ceremonies like housewarming, etc. Installing religious deities and temple-related activities.  Good for Nishekam (procreation) muhurta.  Construction, starting of business, wearing new clothes, purchasing vehicles.

Professions suitable:

Yoga/ gym instructors & Sports instructors

Nursing & Teaching

Personal care/cosmetologists

Fashion  &Entertainment




Artists like dancing, singing, drama etc.




The areas most affected are the shin, calves, ankles, and forehead

Placement of malefic planets in Rohini nakshatra will give disfigurement or marks like Mars can give scars to shins, calves, ankles, or forehead.  Saturn or Rahu can give unusual marks or chronic ailments in those areas. 

They will have a sensitive constitution and are prone to sinus, congestion, and retention of water in the body.  Hormonal imbalance, and mood swings are other common concerns with Rohini nakshatra natives.  Obesity because of irregular eating habits, acne, and certain hearing problems are also common with them.  Rohini nakshatra natives are prone to addiction from food to alcohol to sex and hence related health ailments also can follow. 

 Other information:

Gana             Manushya

Colour          White

Planet Lord    Moon

Guna            Rajas

Nadi             Kapha

Gender         Female

Nature          Fixed, permanent

Element        Earth

Direction      East

Varna          Shudra

Animal         Male Serpent

Bird              Eage/Peacock

Tree            Black plum, Incense- Jambula,

Syllables       Oo, Va, Vi, Vu

Mythology #1

Chandra was married to 27 daughters of Daksha, who are 27 nakshatras.  Chandra promised Daksha that he will treat all of his 27 daughters equally.  But, Chandra used to spend more time with Rohini and ignored the other 26 wives.  Angered Daksha curses Chandra with an ailment like Tuberculosis.  Due to this Chandra started losing weight and becoming thin (waning moon). As it is known that Chandra is a nourisher as well, because of his ailment earthly beings like plants and animals began to become malnourished.  Along with Chandra, all the Gods approached Lord Shiva to reverse this curse.  Shiva expresses his inability to reverse the curse but will give a boon to Chandra to wax for 15 days and wane 15 days in a month. 

Mythology #2

Rohini is the birth nakshatra of Lord Krishna.  Lord Krishna is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu on Earth to fight against evil forces.  It is believed that the nine planets including Rahu and Kety are avatars of Lord Vishnu and in the Moon is associated with the Krishna avatar.  Rohini nakshatra falls under Vrishabha rasi and Moon gets exalted in this sign.  It is said that Krishna had both Moon and Ascendant in Rohini nakshatra and Sun in Simha Rasi.  Krishna is known as an ideal lover and ideal diplomat.  Rohini can be attributed to beauty, the opposite sex, and ecstasy.