Sade Sati/Elinati Shani – Effects And Remedies

Radhika Kothuri 

Saturn (Shani) is a slow-moving planet that has a noticeable impact on an individual’s life because of its ability to remain in one zodiac sign for approximately two and a half years. When Saturn transits from the 12th, 1st, and 2nd houses of Janma Rasi, it is known as Sade Sati or Elinati Sani. Saturn takes 2.5 yrs to transit one zodiac sign, hence, Sade Sati takes approximately  7.5 yrs, this is the total sum of the transit periods of these three consecutive zodiac signs for approximately two and half years each. An individual will pass through Sade Sati two or three times throughout the entirety of their lives. 

Sade Sati initiates when Saturn transits into the 12th house from an individual’s Janma Rasi (Moon sign), this is also called the rising phase.  When Saturn transits in the same house as of Janma Rasi it is known as the Peak phase, the final phase happens when Saturn transits to the 2nd house from Janma Rasi.

Saturn- Karmic planet:

As mentioned in Sanatana Dharma, life is a continuous process of birth and deaths involving many life cycles until the soul finds salvation after completing the karmic debt fully. Saturn being a Karmic planet overseas the balance sheet of the karmic debts.  Astrologically these seven and half years of Saturn transit an individual faces hardships at emotional, physical, and spiritual levels to burn the karmic debts.  

Because Shani is also known as “Shaneeshwara”, it is seen to act as a guardian:  guides an individual presents reality and punishes an individual for their mistakes to guide the person. This period teaches a lot of life-changing lessons.  Depending on the person’s horoscope, the transit can have a myriad of effects on the individual and their life. Depending on the position of planets, the effects of the transit vary and usually, the individual will face the things that one is afraid of.  By the end of the Sade Sati, a person generally overcomes their fear, becomes increasingly more disciplined, and is able to advance to self-awareness.  

Exceptions for Sade Sati:

Sade Sati will not be experienced the same by one and all.  And while it is a challenging period, it will not be so for the entire 7.5 years. Judging a natal horoscope is very important before coming to a conclusion about the malefic effects of Sade Sati.  Below are few exceptions to the malefic effects of Saturn transit:

  1. If the individual is running a benefic dasa of a yogakaraka planet.
  2. If Saturn is well posited in an individual’s chart. 
  3. Saturn is exalted, in its own house, in benefic houses with friendly planets all have their positive impact on Sade Sati. 
  4. Bhinnastakavarga points of Saturn are 4 or more in the transiting houses.

Sade Sati effects and calculator:

Usually an individual experiences Sade Sati cycle thrice in the life:

     1.  One may experience the first cycle of Sade Sati before approx.28  years of life.  The results mostly will be around family,  education, opportunities, emotional support, and growth.

     2.  One may experience the second cycle of Sade Sati approx. before 56 yrs.  Issues related to health, marriage/relationship, finances, and career may come up.  Loss of an elder in the family may be there.  

     3.  The third cycle of Sade Sati:  One may experience the third cycle of SadeSati approx. before 84 yrs.  Health, child-related matters or loved ones may be the cause of suffering. This is also a maraka period.  

During Sade Sati or Elinati Sani,  the malefic effects of Saturn  will not be the same throughout. The results of 7.5 yrs of Saturn transit in 12th, 1st and 2nd house from Janma Rasi are:

  1. During the first 2.5 yrs of Sade Sati, when, Saturn transits from 12th house of Moon (Janma Rasi) it may cause:

         prolonged hurdles

         physical discomfort

         anxiety due to delays

         lack of sleep and rest

         negative thinking

         heavy expenditure 

         family inheritance issues

         Delays in higher studies

         Transfers in the job

         International travel

         Sudden and futile journeys

         Leg, foot, vision and tooth ailments

         Death of elders in the family

  1. During the second 2.5 yrs of Sade Sati, when Saturn transits the 1st house of Janma Rasi, this period is known as a more difficult phase in Sade Sati.  It may cause:

         Severe health issues

          Previous health ailments become  aggravated and result into chronic ailments

          Pessimistic approach in all matters

          Strained relationship with parents and siblings

          Lot of hard work to complete even minor work

          Stubborn and resistant to change

          Reputation at stake

          Legal inquiries at workplace


          Marital issues

          Unexpected loss or theft of important things

          Loss of job

          Slow down in business or losses

          Bad grades in academics and competitive exams

          Celebrities, in the news for wrong reasons

          Chronic diseases

          Spine, Nerve and bone related health ailments.

  1. During the third 2.5 yrs of Sade Sati, When Saturn transits from 2nd house of Janma Rasi, it may cause:

          Financial instability

          Difficulty in paying off debts

          Expenditure on renovation of assets

          Expenditure on vehicle repairs

          Expenditure on supporting extended family

          Bad verbal or written communication

          Misunderstood for every action or speech 

          Differences with friends and parting ways

          Severe verbal conflict in relationships

          No proper/healthy food intake

          Child-related concerns

          A difficult period for Artists

         Tooth, neck, mouth, neck, back pains and leg pains 

Astrological Remedies during Sade Sati or Elinati Shani is:

  1. Recitation of Hanuman Chalisa
  2. Chanting of Siva Panchakshari “Om Namashivaya” 108 times daily.
  3. Chanting or at least listening to Rudram
  4. Performing Rudrabhsihekam before taking any major decisions or for health.
  5. Helping the needy and doing community seva works.
  6. Donate on Saturdays

At a personal and mental level one need to follow the below to strengthen internally during Sade Sati or Elinati Sani:

  1. Following natural healing like meditation or yoga will give good inner strength.
  2. Respecting time and money- procrastinating will further create problems. As Sani is a strict disciplinarian.
  3. Trying to be consciously positive
  4. Accepting and embracing the change

Staying strong and consciously embracing a positive attitude will help during the Sade Sati period.  Saturn is the energy of discipline and hard work, hence, a hard taskmaster.  This brings out the best in people and one will emerge very strong after these 7.5 years of transit.


…. Sarve Jana Sukhinobhavantu….