Solar Eclipse- June 10, 2021

Radhika Kothuri 

May 2021


This year there are two Solar eclipses forming June 10th, 2021, and December 4th, 2021. The coming up solar eclipse is an Annular Solar eclipse. 

Solar eclipse formation:

The moon revolves around the Earth and Earth revolves around the Sun.  While revolving in their orbits at times Moons comes in between Earth and Sun, hence, partially or fully covering Sun, thus preventing the sun rays to reach the Earth.  This happens on a New Moon night (Amavasya).

Annual Solar eclipse:

This type of Solar eclipse is formed when Moon covers Sun partially, only in its middle region. Thus, creating a ring-like disc known as the “Ring of Fire” which is also known as the Annual Solar eclipse.

This year the first Solar eclipse occurs on Jue 10th, 2021, in Vaishaka Masa, Amavasya tithi.  This will take place in Mrigasira Nakshatra, Vrishabha Rasi.  The eclipse is visible in parts of Russia, Greenland, and Northern Canada.  If the weather permits those in the United States, Europe and Northern Asia can see a partial eclipse. 

Eclipse begins at     8:12:20 UTC

Maxium eclipse at  10:41:54 UTC

End of eclipse at     13:11:19 UTC

The Dos’ and Don’ts of the eclipse need to be followed only when the eclipse is visible at your place of residence. To know about what to do and what not to do during eclipse please go through our article on eclipse

Overall effect of Solar eclipse :

The effect of a solar eclipse can be felt for three months or maximum till the next solar eclipse.  The following can be seen from after this solar eclipse:

  1. Communication, in general, will be affected. One needs to be careful in all written and verbal communication. Moreso, if one is in public-related works, media, theatre, and politics. 
  2. Miscommunication from media will cause a lot of restlessness among people.
  3. Stomach diseases will be prevalent.
  4. Natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, and fire may cause severe inconvenience.
  5. There may be a slight dearth of food products, especially agricultural products.
  6. A challenging period for the economy.
  7. The stock market will be volatile and may see a slight dip.