Vedic Astrology Remedies – Karma Principle

Radhika Kothuri 

Jul 2021


Karma theory and astrology:

Planets move in the sky in a pre-determined way and are governed by natural laws. Our birth time is based on our past karmas, with the planetary combinations suitable to give the results of past life deeds.  As it is said, “as we sow, so we reap”.  Hence as per destiny, one is born at a given time and the planetary combinations at that given time rule our life.  So, astrology is a tool that helps us to know about our previous karma. 

There are two ways to experience past life karmas.  The first method is just experiencing (burning) our past life karmas without reacting, one day we will exhaust our sanchita karma.  This is the stage where one realizes the inner supreme soul/self.  This is what all our saints do.  The second method is doing good karma and leading a dharmic life in the present janma(life) which will neutralize the sanchita (past life) karma. 

Do Astrology remedies really work?

We human beings in our life, based on one’s destiny, will face lots of ups and downs, with pain and misery, which affect us mentally and physically.  We all would like to have a happy, stress-free, and healthy life.   Vedic astrology has given us tools to determine our destiny along with ways to avoid impending problems and achieve our objectives in life.   The major disbelief among people about astrological remedies, which we constantly hear is “If all the life events are predestined, how can we change our destiny”. This is a valid question and yes, we cannot change our destiny.  But with astrological remedies we can reduce the negative impact or hurdles we may face in life.  There is no one correct remedy for all, but a good, experienced astrologer can suggest the right remedy for the problems a person may face based on their chart, dasa, antardasa and the strength of planets.  A remedy will be suggested for a particular time frame and for the planets that are weak or causing problems. 

Vedic astrology is a guiding factor that clearly tells the areas of concern in one's life, like health, profession, finance, etc.   The astrological remedies are like umbrellas which one can use to protect oneself from the rain.  But, one cannot stop the rain altogether. 

Types of astrological remedies:

  1. Pooja or Vedic rituals:

Poojas invoke positive vibes in one’s life and remove the negative energy that creates hurdles in achievement.  Rituals are supremely effective as they affect both spiritually and physically.  These rituals can be in the form of pooja or homas (invoking god in the fire).  Homas are very powerful, as the powerful mantras along with fire will purify the surroundings, mind, and body.  Different poojas and rituals are suggested based on the horoscope like Rudrabhishekam, Sudarshana homam, Dhanvantari homam, Dosha nivarana poojas at various temples which have shtana bala(power of deity at that place).

  1. Mantra:

Chanting mantras will produce positive sound vibrations possessing resonating powers.  This is the most powerful remedy in astrology.  Each planet has its  Beeja (seed) mantras.  Each planet has a specific number based on its dasa periods.  Like for Rahu, it is 18,000 times, and Ketu 7,000 times, etc.  Hence, reciting a mantra related to a planet for that many number of times will produce a resonating effect that activates and strengthen the planet and gives a positive effect.

  1. Yantra:

Yantra is a protection shield which is carved either on a metal (copper, gold, brass), paper, wood, etc.  Yantras are initially energized with mantras for a particular purpose and then placed at the prayer place or worn as an ornament.

  1. Gemstones:

Wearing Gemstones is one of the astrological remedies.  Each planet is associated with one particular gemstone.  Based on the strength of the planet and appropriate to the native a particular Gemstone will be suggested with a specific weight in carats. These gems are fit into finger rings either made with gold or silver based on the type of gem and worn. Pooja to the gem is performed and then worn on a specific finger.

A slight trick in wearing a gem is, all the gemstones have crystalline defects, hence only highly experienced gemologists or sadhaka can tell from a good gem to a defective one.  Gems can only be effective if they are without defects, with specific carat size.  The best gems cost a lot and are unreachable to the common man.  The Gems need to be energized time and again as they loose their power gradually on wear and tear. 

  1. Donations(dana) and Community seva:

One of the very good remedies to reduce the ill effects of any bad planetary placement or dasha is giving donations or helping the needy.  Based on the chart an astrologer recommends various types of dana (donations) that need to be done like donating to disabled people, feeding cows (animals), or constructing a home for homeless people, etc.

All the above remedies are suggested by our seers in the Vedic astrological scriptures. Faith is most important for the fructification of remedies.    Remedies if performed with full faith, will give positive results. 

*This is the first part in the series about Vedic astrology remedies.  In the next parts of the series, remedies for all the nine planets along with remedies for various other doshas like pitru dosha, guruchandala, brighuchandala yoga/doshas, childlessness etc.will be given..


….Sarve Jana Sukhinobhavantu ….