Vedic Astrology Remedies- Strengthening Moon

Radhika Kothuri 

Sep 2021

In continuation from the article Astrological remedies, in this article we will cover the benefic and malefic nature of planets, symptoms of a weak planet, and remedies to strengthen Moon.


The Moon controls emotions, mental capabilities, the way we handle these emotions, and our feelings at any given moment. 

If the Moon is placed in a favourable position in one’s chart, the individual will possess a kind heart, a helping nature, support from motherly figures, the ability to cook well, and will be favourable amongst children.

Symptoms of the weak moon:

If the Moon is malefic because of placement or its aspect, it can give psychological issues, a pessimistic nature, conflicts amongst females (mostly motherly figures), low energy, issues with trust, and lazy nature. If conjunct with certain other planets the person may suffer from addictions like alcohol, drugs, and substance abuse. The individual may also have weak respiratory and sensory systems, low water retention, anxiety, and ailments related to breasts.

Remedies for malefic Moon:

  1. Recite Lalitha sahasranama daily.
  2. Goddess to propitiate is goddess Gouri or Parvati.
  3. The day for fasting or performing puja is Monday.
  4. For psychological problems, on a pournami, take milk in a small silver bowl, sit outside facing Moon, and recite Lalitha sahasranama and partake milk as prasada.
  5. Recite Moon(Chandra) beeja/moola mantram for 10000 times

       Om shram sree shrau sah somaye namah

  1. Performing Puja at Moon temple located in Thingalur in Thanjavur district of Tamilnadu will reduce the malefic impact of the Moon. Performing Pooja at any one of the Shaktishtala like Kanchi Kamakshi in Tamilnadu, Jogulamba in Andhrapradesh, Mahakali at Madhyapradesh etc.  also will reduce the malefic impact of Moon
  2. Feed children or donate to orphanages.
  3. Donate a cow or feed a cow.
  4. Seek blessings from a mother or motherly figure.
  5. Gem is Pearl, colour is white and Rudraksha is Dwimukhi.
  6. Donate milk, rice, milk sweets, and silver articles.
  7. For health- Diary products, plants that grow near water bodies like watercress, peppermint, water-based fruits like watermelon, cucumber will help a lot. Using the night-blooming flowers like chamomile (in the form of tea), jasmine, honeysuckle, and lily will calm the nerve for those having psychological disorders or anxiety.

These remedies are quite helpful and will give good results. Some important things to be kept in mind while performing remedies are:

  1. Consult an astrologer before you performing any remedy. Based on your chart and the malefic intensity of the planet, an astrologer will suggest what kind of remedy needs to be performed and the period in which they need to be executed.
  2. Remedies have to be performed/recited by the person themselves. Exceptions may arise if the individual is a child, aged, or severely sick, in which a person close to them will need to perform the ascribed remedy.
  3. Homas and shanti pujas have to be done under the guidance of Vedic Pandit.
  4. Partaking of Prasada of shanti pooja is a must.
  5. In case of mantra chanting one should get the texts in mother tongue for accuracy, if in doubt it is better to seek the help of a learned to avoid any mistakes.
  6. One should do these remedies with full faith and dedication.
  7. As these planets give results according to our karma, hence, it is best to follow dharmic life, and help those in need. As it is said “Manava sevaye Madhava seva”  that is helping those is need is equal to praying to God. 
  8. Lastly, it is important to note that remedies do not change our fate but have the ability to reduce the impacts of negative situations and will help improve the inner strength of an individual. Remedies also help one to improve the positive aura.