August, 2021 Planetary Transits




Planetary Transit Details (Indian standard time):

Karkatake Surya                July 16th to Aug 17th

Simhe Surya                      Aug 17th to Sept 17th


Simhe Kuja                        July 20th to Sept 6th


Karkatake Budha               July 25th to Aug 9th

Simhe Budha           Aug 9th to Aug 26th

Kanye Budha          Aug 26th to Sept 22nd


Simhe Sukra                      July 21st to Aug 11th

Kanye Sukra           Aug 11th to Sept 6th

Kumbhe Guru                    April 6th to Sept 14th (Is in retrograde from June 20th )


Makare Shani                    in retrograde from May 23rd till Oct 11th


Vrishabhe Rahu                 Sept 19th , 2020 to March 17th 2022

Vrischike Ketu                  Sept 19th , 2020 to March 17th 2022


Full & New Moon:

Amavasya (New Moon)

Aug 7th 6:42 am to August 8th 6.49 am (PST- pacific standard time)

Aug 7th 7:11pm to August 8th 7:20 pm (IST Indian standard time)

Pournamasya (Full Moon)

Aug 21st 6:31 am to August 22nd 5:02 am (PST- pacific standard time)

Aug 21st 7:01pm to Aug 22nd  5.31 pm (IST Indian standard time)