Conjunction Of 6 Planets In Capricorn On Feb 11th /Feb 12th, 2021

Major planetary conjunction is going to happen in Shravana nakshatra of Makara Rasi (Capricorn).  This is occurring on the 11th of February, 2021.  The planets in conjunction are  Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn.  This type of planetary conjunction happened earlier in Makara rasi on February 4th, 1962.

The highest trine i.e. Ardha/Karmasthana is getting activated, this is going to happen in Saturn’s own house, which is a karmic planet.  Mercury and Venus getting combust.  And further Mercury gets retrograde. Talking about other conjunctions in the month of February, on 22nd Mars is moving into Vrishabha and getting conjunct with Rahu, which will add to the confusion and panic. In astrology planets are known to be at war when they are within 1 degree, the impact of this conjunction will be felt more at both personal and world level. 

Below events may be felt at the world level (Mundane):

  1. The stock exchange can see new lows.
  2. Rains will be less.
  3. Earthquakes in the North and other natural calamities towards the south and southeast may be felt.
  4. Communal and religious disturbances will rise and there can be some changes in people's mindsets.
  5. The tension between countries will be there.
  6. Senior members of the political party may face health issues or expire. The person may probably be from India or USA.
  7. The health of celebrity/noted personality mostly from the entertainment industry will be delicate or expire.
  8. Verbal and written miscommunication and wrong communication at a higher level may cause unrest/differences.
  9. Unskilled labour may face a hit whereas robots or artificial intelligence will further improve.
  10. Precious metals and agricultural products (food) may become costly

At the Individual level:

  1. Wherever the Makara Rasi(Capricorn) falls in your birth chart that will become active. For example - if you are Mesha lagna jataka, Makara rasi being dasamasthana  all the matters related to job, spiritual/religious matters will get activated.  Mis-communication may cause differences with partner/spouse.  It is better to look inwards, try to observe more, and react.  It is a time to deliberate and take thoughtful decisions. Those going on long-distance travel need to take care of their health and belongings.