Mrs.Radhika K and Dr A.P.Rao PhD ( Astrology) PhD (IIT)


Till  2019-12-03

In this period many infra structural investments especially related to water bodies will be constructed / upgraded. This will protect disasters like katrina. Some key naval centres will be upgraded and constructed with most modern facilities. These will increase international trading.

From  2019-12-03  -  2019-12-05

In this period there may be good trades internationally for US defence equipment and technologies.  Electronic trades also will increase and thus income by exports are likely to increase by a good leap. Hence the financial markets will be bullish.

From 2019-12-05  -  2019-12-10

There will be good inventions and their marketing putting USA at the top of many international trades and exports. Research and new design organizations will have good going and will get good income and name. Finances will be good and markets indices will rise.

 From 2019-12-10  -  2019-12-14

This will be a mixed period with some very good events occurring related to education and some natural or manmade calamities. The overall affect will be high expenditure and childrens welfare and problematic situation of economy. Naturally the markets will be bearish.

From 2019-12-14  -  2019-12-19

This period is highlighted by differences and disputes with in and outside USA – some even leading to great conflicts with bizarre reactions and results. Exercising restraint and control is the most affective solution in this testing period. Naturally the economy and markets will be hitting low.

From  2019-12-19  -  2019-12-23

This is one of the best part of the month with economy zooming good. Income from different sectors will be increasing and investments in new business and industries will be made. This will further rise the income and thus lead to a blooming economy with increasing financial indicies.

From 2019-12-23  -  2019-12-25

There will be shooting incidents in schools and leading to many casualties. Extreme care and preventive measures are needed. This may rise lots of discussions about free use of guns and their control. Markets will be oscillating.

 From  2019-12-25  -  2019-12-31

This is good period for increase in employment numbers and industrial production especially in electronic sectors , pharmaceuticals and body care products. Over all it is good for many sectors of economy and market indices will rise .