Great Conjunction, Dec 21st, 2020

Jupiter and Saturn are the two major slow-moving planets, next comes the nodes.  Jupiter takes approximately one year to move to the next house, whereas Saturn takes two and a half years to move to the next house.   These two giants come together in the same house every 20 years approximately.  The conjunction that they form generates intense energy that affects both individuals and the world at large. These two are together in Makara from

November 20th, 2020 to April 6th, 2021

September 15th, 2021 to November 20th, 2021

The Great Conjunction of these two planets will form on December 21st, 2021 at almost the same degree of 6.20 in Uttarashada Nakshatra.  Their energy will be acute on December 21st, whereas it gets dispersed during the other moths when they are conjunct in Makara.  In this Graha Yuddha (planetary war) Saturn wins over Jupiter, as Jupiter is weaker in Makar being debilitated.  Though individuals will be impacted differently, according to their own birth charts, everyone will experience an intensification of Saturn energy and diminishing Jupiter’s positive traits. 

Both these planets advocate justice, while Saturn being a karmic planet it will offer fruits of one's karma forcefully and mercilessly in turn making a person disciplined, whereas Jupiter intensifies the righteousness and principles one needs to follow in life.

At World level:

As Jupiter indicates justice, higher principles, and ethics, all these will be eclipsed by Saturn’s superiority.  The economy will see steep ups and downs.  We can see a two-pronged split in everything.  Large corporate companies and conglomerates thrive whereas the small scale industries and retail market will see a great slump.  There will be a big gap between Have’s and Have not's. The rich will get richer and the poor will hit badly. The world will further get into digital mode.  The markets will be more digital oriented.  Here, one should be very careful about how digital and social media has changed our minds.  One needs to be careful of safeguarding the personal data as justice is at stake with diminishing Jupiter’s light in Makara.   We can see this two-pronged approach in every area like real estate will see a boom whereas the big commercial buildings market value will take a dive. Stocks market of corporate giants’ will further improve whereas the smaller companies may be swept away.

There can be problems in the USA, China, Russia, India, and Middle East countries. There will be anarchy, change in rules, politicians will be under the microscope, warlike situations may occur. The world may loose important leaders.  Countries/Cities nearer to water may face nature’s fierceness. The rise in the price of precious metals, like gold, silver, etc. may be there.  Foodgrains price also will increase. Good advice to politicians will not be there, which will create a lot of problems.  There will be a hit in truth, justice, and good money.  Judiciary and banking sectors need to be extra careful. People's religious believes also will be impacted in a negative way.

At Individual level:

Saturn is a planet of structure, order, and discipline and it believes in hard work and fruits with your work.   Scams, scandals, and those who hatched conspiracies will come into the open. In general, there may be low immunity and those with the chronic ailment may take time to recover.  From Dec 21st to the next three months, the situation will not be good. Those who are into speculation need to be slightly careful. Politicians will get into problems. Those into business and students will try to cut corners and may be caught in the process. 

For those into the spiritual line, this is a very favorable period to internalize and meditate.  Saturn will give that discipline to transform and know oneself.



… Sarve Jana Sukhinobhavantu …