Jaya Ugadi & NDA Election Results - 2014


Yearly 2014 Election as well as  Jaya Ugadi prediction

Makara Sankranti 2014:

In the makara sankranti chart mesha lagna has Rahu and sani in seventh and Mars in 6 th .  In navamsa tula lagna has mars in neecha aspecting lagna and in third Rahu and moon are there and are aspected by ketu and sani from 9th.  In compressed mahadasa  sani maha dasa is operating from Sat:  2014-04-18  -  2014-06-16  . These indicate violent attacks with possible deaths in the partners of the post elected party. Tenth lord sani being exalted in seventh is likely to see NDA coming to power, as sani is with Rahu and budha and sun are in tenth.

Mesha Sankranti 2014:

In mesha samkranti chart mesha lagna has sun and ketu , Rahu and sani in seventh in tula and mars and moon in sixth in kanya. In navamsa with dhanur lagna Mars is in neecha in 8 th and in compressed dasa system Mars is operating from  2014-05-03  -  2014-05-25. This bad mars dasa may see violent actions by foes.

Ugadi 2014

In the ugadi chart vruschika lagna has sani and Rahu in 12 th indicating big loss for for foreign powers interfering with the elections. Also gaja kesari yoga Chandra mangala yoga and guru mangala yoga the NDA is likely to come to power. Seventh lord venus is in third helps this. In navamsa meena lagna has guru in lagna and neecha venus  and Mars in seventh – thus there may be problems with the partners but bhagya rajya adhipati yoga shuld give good prosperity to India. In the compressed maha dasa Merc:  is operating from 2014-04-03  -  2014-06-01.  And this should see NDA coming to power.

Independence Chart:

In the Independence chart the period is Sun MD:  2008-10-19  -  2014-09-18   Ven Antar Dasa  2013-09-23  -  2014-09-18  and subperiod of Sani from  2014-05-12  -  2014-07-08. All the three planets are in third house in rasi. In navamsa sun as 6 th lord is in lagna and sani and venus are in 11th. Thus a good government will come to power and India will progress well. But all the planets bring in third indicates the possibility of violent acts and destabilization of elected government both from with in and outside the country.

Republic Chart:

In the republic day chart tula lagna has guru sukra and sun in the fourth house and guru guru sukra rahu is operating from 2014-05-13  -  2014-06-01. Guru is in neecha and Rahu is in 6 th – so while two benefics in Kendra gives a good government it may have violent incidents as Mars is aspecting Rahu. These may involve violence by foes both internal and external.

Rahul Gandhi Chart:

Coming to analysis of individual charts Rahul Gandhi has makara lagna with lagna lord sani is in neecha and seventh lord moon is in neecha. Rahu is in second and in July 2014 moon Rahu sani is operating. In navamsa mesha lagna has sani and sun in 8 th and Rahu and moon in 10th and neecha venus is being aspected by mars. Thus he may not win the election and even if he manages to win he may not be able to enjoy the winning as the period is moon rahu sani.