July Planetary Transits & Eclipse Dates

Planetary Transit & Eclipse Dates - July, 2020

During the month of July, Sun is in Mithuna and then moves into Karkataka on 16th July. Venus transits in its own house, Vrishabha, for the entire month. Mars transits Meena rasi during the entire July. Jupiter is retrograde entire month in Dhanus rasi. Mercury is retrograde till July 11th in Mithuna and direct till month end. Saturn is retrograde in Makara. Rahu and Ketu continue to be in Mithuna and Dhanus during July.

Eclipse – July, 2020

Lunar Eclipse:
This month Penumbral Lunar eclipse is on July 4th/5th. It is the third lunar eclipse in the year 2020. This occurs on Sukla paksha poornima, in Purvashada nakshatra of Dhanus Rasi. The Eclipse is visible from 03:07:23 to 5:52:21 UTC time on July 5th. Lunar eclipse is visible in South/West Europe, Much of Africa, Much of North America, South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, and Antarctica.