June Planetary Transit And Eclipse Dates

Planetary Transit during June, 2020

In the month of June, Ravi transits in vrishabha till 14th of the month and thereafter in
mithuna and yields to vedha. Kuja transits in kumbha till 18th of the month and thereafter
he moves to Meena. Budha transits in own sign and retrograde from 19th of june.
Retrograde shukra transits in his own sign vrishabha and assumes direct motion from
June 25th. Shani is retrograde in Makara throughout the month. Rahu and ketu transits in
mithuna and dhanur rasi respectively.

Eclipse – June, 2020

Lunar Eclipse:
This month Penumbral Lunar eclipse is on June 5th/6th
It is the second lunar eclipse in
the year 2020. This occurs on Sukla paksha poornima, in Jyestha nakshatra of Vrischika
Rasi. The Eclipse is visible from 23:15 of June 5th to 2:34 of June 6th (as per Indian
Standard Time).
Lunar eclipse is visible in most parts of Europe, most parts of Asia, Australia, Africa,
South east side of South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean and Antarctica.

Solar Eclipse:
This month the Annular Solar Eclipse is on June 21st
This Solar eclipse occurs on
Krishnapaksha Amavasya, in Mrigasira nakshatra of Mithuna rasi. This eclipse is visible
from 10:24 to 13:50 on June 21st (as per Indian Standard Time)
Annular solar eclipse is visible in most parts of Asia, South/East of Europe, North of
Australia, most parts of Africa, Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean.
It is advised that Mrigasira nakshatra natives better avoid going out and seeing the sun
during the eclipse time. Reciting any mantra/stothra pathanam during eclipse time will
give positive results. Mantra recitation during eclipse period gives manifold effect. Avoid
starting any new projects or tasks during the Eclipse day.
Some activities that are advised to not be done during eclipse period are:

  • To not consume any type of food item during the eclipse. Scientifically, during
    this eclipse period, the rays emitted are unhealthy which may cause indigestion
    hence it is advised not to consume food.
  • Avoid starting any new projects and financial transactions.
  • Avoid using sharp objects
  • Pregnant Women are advised not to go out or directly see the eclipse, as it may
    affect their unborn child or chances of miscarriage is more.

Activities that are advised to be done during eclipse period are:

  • Place Dharbha grass(Kusa) on the food items like pickles etc., so that they can be
    used again.
  • Take head baths during starting of the eclipse, peak of eclipse and again after the
  • Do mantra japa, especially those with the same nakshatra as of eclipse nakshatra