Planetary Transits & Imp. Dates – October, 2022


Planetary transits & Imp. Dates –  October, 2022

Kanye Ravi                       Sept 17th -  Oct 17th

Tule Ravi                          Oct 17th – Nov 16th

Vrishabhe Kuja                  Aug 10th – Oct 15th

Mithune Kuja                    Oct 15th – Nov 13th (Retrogrades from Oct 30th – Nov 13th)

Kanye Budha                     Aug 21st – Oct 26th

Tule Budha                        Oct 26th – Nov 12th

Kanye Shukra                    Sept 24th – Oct 18th

Tule Shukra                       Oct 18th – Nov 11th

Saturn                               Direct in Makara on Oct 23rd

Jupiter                                Retrograde in Meena July 29th – Nov 24th


New and Full Moon:

Pournima (Full Moon)

Ashini Pournima  - Oct 8th 3:11 pm to Oct 9th 1:54 pm (USA PST)

Ashwini Pournima -  Oct 9th 3:41 am to  Oct 10th 2:24 am (India)


Amavasya (New Moon)- 

Karthika Amavasya – Oct 24th 4:57 am to Oct 25th 3:48 am(USA PST)

Karthika Amavasya – Oct 24th 5:27 pm to Oct 25th 4:18 pm(India)


Solar Eclipse:

Partial Solar eclipse is formed on Oct 25th 2022

Oct 25th 1:58 am to 4:00 am (USA, PST)

Oct 25th 4:48 m to 5:42 pm (India)

It is visible in most parts of Europe, Northern Africa, Middle East and West Asian

Important Festivals:

  1. Karwa Chauth Oct 12th (USA, PST),  Oct 13th (India)
  1. Atla tadde Oct 12th (USA, PST), Oct 12th (India)
  1. Naraka Chaturdasi Oct 23rd (USA, PST), Oct 24th (India)
  1. Diwali (Lakshmi puja) Oct 24th (USA, PST), Oct 24th (India)
  1. Bhai Dooj Oct 26th (USA, PST), Oct 26th (India)