Rahu & Ketu Transit - September 23rd , 2020 To April 12th, 2022

Rahu and Ketu Transit

September 23rd, 2020 to April 12th, 2022

The next 18 months transit of Chayagrahas, Rahu, from Mithuna to Vrishabha, and Ketu, from Dhanus to Vrischika, will happen on September 23rd, 2020 and will last till April 12th, 2022. These chayagrahas (shadowy planets) are also known as the North node- Rahu and South node- Ketu. Rahu and Ketu take 18 years to make one full round of all the signs.

While we all know that Earth goes into an orbit around the Sun and the Moon orbits around the Earth. Moon’s orbit is a bit tilted which cuts into the Earth orbit.  The one end of the Moon orbit intersection is Rahu –North node and the opposite end is known as Ketu - South Node. The luminary Moon represents the mind, Rahu represents illusion or maya that our mind is trapped in whereas, Ketu is the other extreme which represents moksha or salvation. 

The coming transit of Rahu/Ketu will have more focus on finance, show business, food, research and creativity. Those in all the above fields will do very well.  Rahu will improve creativity in people.  We can see this change in people with heightened creativity.  Like a businessman will show more interest in marketing their product in a more creative way. Ketu in opposite sign indicate intensity like, one will go deep into the path they choose. This intensity can be seen both at the materialistic and spiritual level.  Food and hotel industry will improve a lot. Those in the research field will do very well.  Vaccination for COVID will be found. The medical industry will flourish, many new techniques will be found in the areas of medicine. Financially Banks may see severe ups and downs. After November 20th there maybe dip in stock markets. There can be man-made calamities.  People need to be more health-conscious.

The period from Oct 2021 to Feb 2022 is not favourable for Indian politicians.  There may be a threat to the life of a prominent politician. There can be a lot of unrest and civil movements by people.  

*These transit predictions are general in nature. But, an Individual’s chart analysis along with dasa predictions will give an accurate picture.


Mesha Rasi:

Rahu transits into your 2nd house and Ketu to your 8th house.  This transit will have more impact on your job, finances and your creativity.  You will get a new opportunity at the workplace.  Heavy work will make you stressed and strained.   There may be differences with family members more so, with your spouse.  This is a favourable period for those in any creative field like designers, architects and artists of all types.  Rahu transit gives high expectations from others.  But, if you keep expecting from others there will be troubles.  Focus on your own wealth. You will inherit the property. There will be a change in your food habits like interest in eating non-vegetarian food and alcohol consumption will increase.  Your strong speech may not be appreciated by others.  There will be unexpected expenditure.  Businessmen may face some cash flow crunch. Avoid taking up any risky business ventures. There can be minor accidents.  Those in the research field will be in limelight.  You will show a keen interest in learning occult studies.  You will join meditation/natural healing courses. Some unexpected health ailments may crop up like venereal diseases, below abdomen ailments. Focus on body-mind wellness.  

Vrishabha Rasi:

Rahu transits into your 1st house and Ketu into your 7th house.  You will be more ambitious, intuitive and creative.  You will accept challenges and face them boldly.  Unexpected losses and gains, both will be there. Long-distance journey to your dream place will be accomplished.  The health of children as well as of elders need your attention. You will spend money on your self-improvement.  You will show keen interest to look good and maintain yourself well.  There may be differences in married life.  Those in a love relationship may part ways.  You will have an unknown fear of many things.  As students will be anxious and restless during exams, with bit more hard work one can excel in their respective fields. You will be self-critical also. Businessmen may have differences with business partners.  You will show less interest in meeting clients deadlines.  At work, you tend to be too straightforward in turn hurting your seniors and colleagues. Health ailments related to the lower abdomen will cause severe inconvenience.  During the month of December 2021 health requires utmost care, chances of undergoing surgery is high.  You need to reduce oily and spicy food. 

Mithuna Rasi
Rahu transits into your 12th house and Ketu into your 6th house.  Those planning to travel abroad will get the opportunity. Unexpected expenditure, as well as gains, will also be there.  Those in the import and export business will do well.  You will be more confident and will take up works that you left earlier.  The health of spouse requires care.  Your health also requires care, foot pain and stomach infections may cause severe inconvenience. For the most part of the time, you will like to be secluded and will be in the dream world than in reality.  Legal matters may surface.  Students need to be careful in choosing their friends.  If the natal chart also is favourable for spiritual growth, this period is conducive to make you further grow in the spiritual line.  You will be dragged into family matters of relatives against your wishes.  Sleep may evade you.  In general, you need to be more focused to achieve success. Businessmen will get foreign clients and those with business in foreign lands will do well.  

Karkataka Rasi

Rahu transits into your 11th house and Ketu into your 5th house. You will actively take part in charity works. Childhood friends’ reunion will be there. An older sibling may approach you for help.  This will give unexpected gains.  You will do well at the stock market, you may get fast money like a lottery. Child health may be delicate. One of your children may get married. There will be growth along with responsibility at the job.  You will improve friends circle, this network will be of great help in future. You will show a keen interest in starting/joining a business venture.  Long-distance journey on vacation will be fruitful.  There can be a break in an existing love relationship. Pregnant ladies need to be extra careful of health.  Students will get good grades with a lot of effort.  Overall there will be an improvement in your standard of living.

Simha Rasi

Rahu transits into your 10th house and Ketu into your 4th house.  The job will be good. You will improve your social connections.  If the birth chart is favourable, especially if Rahu mahadasa is going on then, there are high chances of career growth. You have to put in a lot of hard work, but your hard work will be rewarded.  Unexpected transfers or at least internal project change may be there at work.  The health of the mother may be delicate.  There may be differences with mother or motherly figures as well.  This is not a favourable period to purchase a vehicle or an asset.  There may be differences of opinion with family members. There may be issues related to property matters with extended family members.  There will be growth in business. Respiratory ailments, pain in the back and knee caps may cause severe inconvenience.  Students may not get admission into their choice of college or choice of field of education. 

Kanya Rasi:

Rahu transits into your 9th house and Ketu into your 3rd house. Those planning to travel abroad will get a good opportunity, it can be either for education or for a job. The health of paternal elders may be delicate.  You will take into some unconventional spiritual belief system. Travels will be more.  There may be a change in the city of the living.  There may be a waste of time on unnecessary discussions with friends and colleagues.  It is ever advised to be careful from any shady activity, as there are chances of being caught red-handed.  Business into foreign trade will see good progress.  Students may not get expected ranks in competitive exams.  This is not a favourable period for sports personnel.  Those settled abroad will receive good news from their home town.  There will be ups and downs in finances, as well as in relationships.  Anxiety, unknown fear, throat ailments, nerve-related pain in the thighs like sciatica pain may cause severe inconvenience. It is advised to be more communicative to reduce any anxiety or loneliness.

Tula Rasi

Rahu transits into your 8th house and Ketu into your 2nd house.  A favourable period for those who are interested to learn occult sciences like astrology, healing sciences etc.  Those into research field also will do very well.  Students may have to put in more effort to get good grades.  If there is strength in your natal chart, then there are high chances of getting fast money like a lottery. You will inherit the property.  Health requires utmost care.  Any hidden ailments may crop up. This is not a favourable period for spouse health as well.  There are chances of undergoing surgery in December 2021. It is better not to be too indulgent as they will show a direct impact on health, work and finances. The business may see a dip.  It is better not to join any new business venture. You will avoid communicating with relatives and friends, you will feel detached.  Those who have taken loans may face issues in repaying them. This is not a favourable period for heavy investments. 

Vrischika rasi

Rahu transits into your 7th house and Ketu into your 1st house. Healthwise you will be slightly better in the previous period. Business will be good.  But avoid any serious differences with partners.  Even in married life there may be serious attitude issues and miscommunication. Those in a love relationship may face severe opposition from family elders.  There may be opposition to your unconventional thought process.   Finances do not look well. There may be differences with colleagues at work.  It will make you spiritual and more practical.  You will put in a lot of hard work.   Celebrities will be in the limelight for the wrong reasons.  Investments should not overboard as they will be severe ups and downs. You feel disconnected with the outer world and will feel very low.  You need to put in more effort and inclination for a proper diet and a healthy regimen.  Allergies, infections, headaches and ailments to private parts may be there.

Dhanus Rasi.

Rahu transits into your 6th house and Ketu into your 12th house.  Finances will be good.  You will save more.  It is better not to lend money to friends or maternal side relatives. You need to be careful and not believe people on face value.  You will change your lifestyle and will show a keen interest in improving mind-body wellness. You will have the upper hand over your competitors in business.  Those in business with foreign clientele will do very well.  At work also you will have the say.  Spouse health will be delicate.  At work, you will gain respect and recognition. Any pending court cases will be resolved. For the most part of the period you like to be alone, contemplating and work alone.  You will be given to anger when anyone trespasses your private zone. Expenditure also will be on the rise. You will actively participate in charity/community seva work.  Stomach, vision, tooth and foot ailments may cause inconvenience.  Those with liver, gallbladder ailments need to take extra care of health. 

Makara Rasi:

Rahu transits into your 5th  house and Ketu into your 11th house.  This is a very favourable period for all artists, and theatre personnel. There may be communication gap with your child.   Pregnant ladies need to take extra care of health.    The stock market will give good profits.  You will get success after struggles.  You will isolate from social groups, friends and cousins.  You will join spiritual groups for higher learning.  You will go on long-distance journeys.  Health requires care while on journeys.  Investments will not be favourable.  Students will do well at studies.  This is not a favourable period for any love relationship.  Either for the existing one or to develop a new one.  Those in creative fields will gain name.  You will show keen interest to further improve your skills.  Back pain, acid reflux, indigestion and inflammation in the limbs may cause severe inconvenience. 

Kumbha rasi

Rahu transits into your 4th house and Ketu to your 10th house.  Realtors and any business dealers like a vehicle, consumer products etc. will do well. There may be differences with mother or her health may be delicate. Domestic restlessness may be there. There can be career-related issues. Differences with seniors and colleagues may be there.  Heavy work will make you irritable at times. At work, colleagues may misunderstand you.   Change in the job is likely for some. At work, it is better not to open up your heart to all.   Your vehicle may need to be repaired.  Health requires care.  Relationships with family members may be strained. Expenditure will be more on repairs to assets.  You need to be careful while driving.   Infectious respiratory ailments, like the coronavirus, may cause inconvenience. Back pain and inflammation in the limbs may cause inconvenience.  Students will do well at sciences, but they tend to procrastinate which will have a direct impact on grades. Investments will bring profits. This is a favourable period to get into a love relationship and those in a relationship may tie the knot. 

Meena rasi

Rahu transits into your 3rd   house and Ketu into your 11th house. This will improve the confidence level.  Short distance journeys will be there.  There will be unexpected gains.  There will be successful foreign journeys. There can be communication gap with younger siblings/cousins or team members at work.  You will visit religious places. You will actively participate in spiritual activities. This is a favourable period for artists.  Work will be good, but there may be differences with a co-worker. Any litigation will be resolved. For those employed, there will be growth in career along with increment.  The health of father requires utmost care. Health requires care while on journeys.  Authors may face some delays in publishing their books. Throat, skin ailments and joint pains may cause severe inconvenience.  Investments will see ups and downs.