Triple Planet Retrogression - May, 2020

Triple Planet Retrogression – May, 2020

During May 2020, Ravi is exalted in Mesha rasi till May 14th and soon transits into
Vrishabha rasi. Kuja is exalted in makara till May 4th and then he transits in kumbha rasi
for the remaining days of the month. Budha transits into mesha till May 5th, and again in
vrishabha till May 24th and thereafter he transits in gemini for the remaining period of the
month. Rahu and Ketu continue their transits in mithuna and dhanur rasis respectively.

The major transit during this month is the Triple Planet Retrogression. This important
transit will affect the current situation and people, more so during the 5 days period of the
retrogression. The triple retrograde planets are:

Saturn is retrograde from May 10th to September 28th

Venus is retrograde from May 13th to 25th June (Venus gets retrograde for 140 days every

Jupiter is retrograde from May 14th to September 13th. Jupiter becomes ativakri and
moves quickly to dhanur rasi.

The retrogression of planets is very common; however, three planets getting retrograde in
a very short period of time (4 to 5 days), coupled with the fact that two of the planets are
slow moving, gives rise to the fact that there will be a large impact on the public and
world in general. During May 9th to May 15th, there may be mass unrest among people.
There may also be some mass protests against the political system. Venus retrogression
may give instability in financial markets and media (during13th & 14th). Two gurus,
Venus and Jupiter beginning their transition into retrogression at almost the same
time, may cause leaders and the general public to accept wrong advice. Some major long
term plans may get shelved. Jupiter being ativakri may provide good news: progress in
vaccine making, progress in some stalled government projects/decisions.

At a personal level, we all need to be cautious in all our relationships. We should be
cautious in taking major decisions related to business or trade. We have to pause and
approach matters in an organized and disciplined manner. It is better not to take any
major decisions during this 5 day period.