Dearest radhika ever since our first interactions many years ago, i have consistently been amazed at the gift you possess in predictions and reading charts. on a personal level, your excellent advice has helped myself and all my family members; more recently for investments in my chart where i had previously never recognised the potential. i cannot thank you enough for all the guidance over the years and can only say that i am blessed to have known you for all these years.

Radhika , a big thank you for your kind help and providing guidance with astrological predictions to lead my life. i met radhika in a music concert and from then , she became a family member and a good friend . 1. she first told about me and my prediction and it was perfectly true and i followed her guidelines to improve my outspoken habit and also applied the same in my carrier to lead a better life . 2.after that she told predictions to my cousins, both were working separate states and with her astrological suggestions and followed puja's, they both now came to one place and leading married life happily. before rahdika's predictions, even they were married for 5 years, they were working in 2 different states and with radhika's great help and astrological predictions, they followed puja and fasting guidelines and came to one state (texas) and living happily. with radhika's predictions, myself and my husband got benefited very much and also settled in our jobs successfully. she also said predictions to my sister's son, who is a cricketer and now he selected to state team. overall i and my family for any problem, we will reach her and take her suggestions and guidance to lead life happily. with this note, i would highly recommend her and she is very soft-spoken and always speaks nicely.


Dear radhika kothuri, firstly, thank you so much for all your guidance, advice, and consultation in regards to every aspect of my life throughout the last several years. you are an amazing lady and a very special, insightful, gifted, and intuitive astrologer. i say this because all of your predictions have come true. what i admire the most is that you never shy away from difficult information and present it directly to your clients. i found you incredibly helpful and would certainly recommend your services to anyone going through a difficult period in their life.

Thank you radhika kothuri for your excellent and exhaustive report and detailed response to all my follow up questions. you have an amazing gift. am now more certain of what i need to do. you described my personality traits and the challenges i am facing. you are obviously very skilled at what you do. you gave me a sense of self i had lost, and encouraged me to keep pushing forward. thank you so much!! you will be hearing from me again and quite likely several of my friends too.

I am extremely impressed with your analysis, the professional, detailed and above all methodical presentation of your report. it’s a perfect job. very few can match your analytical and presentation skills. thank you for your prediction. i appreciate it. please convey my gratitude to the lady.

Just now i received my prediction and heartily thank you for prompt and clear reading of my horoscope. kindly convey my appreciation and satisfaction to smt.jyothish radhika prasad k . for doing a nice job.