Just wanted to tell you that your prediction about me getting a raise in march was correct. thanks for your guidance.

I want to take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to you for advising me to chant 'aditya hrudayam'- i was at the hospital today and the consultant could not believe that the leakage on my retina has disappeared. though i had not mentioned it to you, way back in january, i was told that there is a leakage in the retina , which might have been because of the fact that i am a diabetic, and that there will be laser intervention. i was on observation and had to go into the hospital every six weeks. i could not go in august because i had to rush to hyderabad for my mother in law and then as you know i started chanting - today they were surprised as to how it has disappeared. i myself am amazed at the development which of course i owe to you. thanking you again

Sorry it took me a while to get back to you. my current status: i got a project (job) (recently) - joining on october 1st. i will be dealing with software development you told me to go into software related career - fate brought me to it.

Thank you so much for your amazing insight. i've never been more anxious and in such chaos in my life than this period and you have given me some comfort and assurance. here are the events that occurred in the periods you mention: with my greatest appreciation.

The sonogram results are in and it is a baby boy. your predictions have been accurate. i don't know how to thank you for your guidance and help during these last few weeks. and especially the prayers done on our behalf have been answered.thank you again.

I was anxiously waiting for my daughter's result to match with your predictions and we are very glad to inform you that she got into medicine in a very good university in melbourne, monash university, which is also away from home. she will be joining and move to residential hostel from 22nd feb'05. this gave me much more confidence on your prediction. now i am eagerly waiting for my personal prospect.