Thank you radhika kothuri for your excellent and exhaustive report and detailed response to all my follow up questions. you have an amazing gift. am now more certain of what i need to do. you described my personality traits and the challenges i am facing. you are obviously very skilled at what you do. you gave me a sense of self i had lost, and encouraged me to keep pushing forward. thank you so much!! you will be hearing from me again and quite likely several of my friends too.

I am extremely impressed with your analysis, the professional, detailed and above all methodical presentation of your report. it’s a perfect job. very few can match your analytical and presentation skills. thank you for your prediction. i appreciate it. please convey my gratitude to the lady.

Just now i received my prediction and heartily thank you for prompt and clear reading of my horoscope. kindly convey my appreciation and satisfaction to smt.jyothish radhika prasad k . for doing a nice job.

Thanks to mrs. radhika for the excellent horoscope reading. thanks to you sir for following up with all my emails. i was very surprised to read about the mention of diabetes and hypertension in my chart. i have diabetes and hypertension and i am taking doctor's advice for both. since i had not indicated anything to mrs. radhika about my health problems, i was surprised and felt happy about the accuracy of her predictions. thanks for giving me such prompt and excellent reading.

Dear ms radhika prasad …my sincere appreciation and thanks,… the report incidentally concurs with other astrologers advice. my sincere appreciation and thanks. please convey my regards and since thanks to ms. radhika

Radhika, i am impressed by some of the points you have mentioned in the analysis 1. there were serious complications with birth of second child & a later abortion too 2. she has ibm and digestive issues